About GGU: President's Welcome


Dan Angel

Preparing to take your place in a world that is constantly changing -- that's a daunting task. And yet, at Golden Gate University, we believe that that is exactly what we plan to help you do.

Golden Gate University's network of faculty, alumni and students plays an integral part not only in strengthening the business and legal communities of the Greater San Francisco Bay Area, but in making an impact in prestigious positions throughout the United States and around the world!

When you become a part of the GGU community, your education here will help you leverage your natural abilities and obtain the skill sets you need to succeed in life on your own terms. The solid education you obtain here doesn't define who you become; it gives you the tools to become.

By learning how to learn, developing critical thinking, and embracing innovation, you can identify unique strengths and use your education to understand how to apply them in a forever-shifting landscape -- keeping you on your feet and moving forward no matter what the world looks like.

GGU has a long, proud history of providing education that empowers you to take control of your life.Developing a proactive pathway for each of you is part our steady heartbeat and embedded deeply into our DNA here at Golden Gate University.

We look forward to helping you discover your fit and make your mark.


Dan Angel

Dan Angel

President, Golden Gate University