About GGU: Campus Closure and Power Shutdown

GGU Campus


Golden Gate University will be closed 12/22/12 through and including 1/1/13. During this time, there will be no access to the buildings at 40 Jessie Street or 536 Mission Street, and limited access to some Web resources. See the FAQs below for more information.

The university will be reopen for business starting at 7:30 am on 1/2/13.

1. When will the campus be closed?

The entire campus will be closed from 12/22/12 through 1/1/13.

2. Why is the university closing the campus?

GGU has an electrical problem at the 536 Mission Street facility that needs to be corrected. The only way to correct the problem is to remove all power to the building.

3. When will the San Francisco campus reopen?

The university will be open for business starting at 7:30 am on 1/2/13.

4. Which buildings will be affected?

Both 40 Jessie Street and 536 Mission Street will be closed from 12/22/12 through 1/1/13.

5. Which services will be unavailable during the power shutdown?

The entire GGU technology infrastructure will be unavailable. Also, the telephone system, voicemail and GGU website will be down.

6. Will there be any postal mail service to or from GGU during the campus closure?

No. GGU will not be able to process any incoming or outbound mail, deliveries or shipments.

7. Will the Bookstore or Student Services Caf be open during the campus closure?

No. Everything at 40 Jessie will also be completely closed from 12/22/12 through 1/1/13.

8. Will the Law Library or University Library be open during the campus closure?

No. Both of the libraries will be closed, as will all schools, departments, offices and services.

9. If I need to retrieve something from campus, can I enter either 536 Mission or 40 Jessie?

No. Both buildings will be closed.

10. Will I be able to leave telephone messages for GGU faculty or staff during the power shutdown?

No. The phones will not be able to accept messages. Please call back after 12/28/12.

11. Will GGU's eLearning classes and services be available during the power shutdown?

Yes. The eLearning technology infrastructure is outside of the GGU network. Students and faculty can go directly to http://elearning.ggu.edu.

12. How can prospective students register online for the spring trimester when everything is shut down?

They cannot. During the period of the actual shutdown, no one will be able to access the GGU website or any other IT services. Students are encouraged to enroll, or to conduct any other online business that they may have, prior to noon on 12/26/12 or after 11 pm on 12/28/12.

13. What is the deadline for paying spring 2013 tuition?

The spring payment due date has been extended by two days to 1/24/13. However, the Law School payment due date has not been extended and is 1/11/13.

14. Will there be advising appointments for prospective students during this time period?

No. Advising appointments for spring 2013 must be conducted before the university closes on 12/21/12 or after the university reopens on 1/2/13.

15. How can I order an official transcript?
You can place your order through the National Student Clearinghouse anytime during the campus closure and power shutdown period. However, no transcript orders will be processed until the staff return to the office on 1/2/13.