Course Catalog

Golden Gate University offers degree and certificate programs at three teaching centers and online.

UGP 10
Gateway to Success

Explores why the adult undergraduate student who has clearly defined goals for personal, academic and professional achievement is more likely to complete a degree program in the shortest possible time and with the highest level of success. Through review of learning theory for adult students, self-assessment activities and written self-reflection, students will define personal and professional goals related to the academic program. Through classroom activities, projects and presentations, students will enhance the skills that lead to achieving those goals and to general academic success. This course will introduce the student to Golden Gate University's culture of professional practice education, as well as support services and resources such as the library and tutoring, advising and career services. A portfolio of student work and a comprehensive academic plan are among outcomes of the course. Must be taken during the first term of enrollment as an undergraduate degree student. An additional materials fee of $65.00 will be charged at the time of registration. This fee is non-refundable.

Units: 3 , Offered: Summer 2019 , Spring 2019 , Fall 2018

UGP 80
Pathway to Success

The capstone for the associate of arts degree integrates learning across the general education program. Using skills, knowledge and abilities in the areas of critical thinking, communication, ethics, lifelong learning, quantitative fluency and information literacy, this class will require the application of knowledge to create a professional portfolio that demonstrates mastery of the program's learning objectives. This course is to be taken in the last term of the associate of arts program.

Units: 3 , Offered: Summer 2019 , Spring 2019

UGP 150
Learning Counts

Uses Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) to allow students to demonstrate learning they have acquired through training and experience outside of the higher education classroom. Through the completion of a six-week online course (CAEL 100) that provides instruction on how to prepare a portfolio of evidence of prior learning, students can earn up to 12 units of general elective or discipline-specific credit. A faculty advisor will coordinate the Learning Counts process, including the selection of appropriate course equivalents for portfolio review. Credit/No Credit. Prerequisite: UGP-10 and recommendation of advisor.

Units: 3 , Offered: Summer 2019

UGP 198
Special Topics in Undergraduate Programs

Address significant, topical and practical problems, issues and theories related to lifelong learning. Topics will be selected by the department coordinator. This course may be taken more than once, provided the same topic is not repeated. Prerequisite: Consent of the department coordinator. Prerequisites will vary based on topic.

Units: 1 - 3

UGP 198A
Veterans in Higher Learning

Designed to help acclimate GGU Undergraduate Student Veterans and Military Service members to the rigorous expectations of student life at GGU. Working together as a community of scholars, class members develop, assess, and hone strategies to ensure academic success and a positive transition from military duties to studies at GGU. Students receive instruction and coaching in applying real military experiences, current academic and personal goals, and various theoretical and pedagogical models to their own course work. The curriculum integrates a network of campus resources, community resources, guest presentations, student research and writing, discussion sessions, self-expression, and a final community service project. Prerequisite: Consent of the department coordinator.

Units: 3