Safety and Security Operations

GGU-Alert Emergency Notification System

Golden Gate University (GGU) has joined with e2Campus to provide a fast, multi-modal and seamless notification process to members of the university community in the event of a disaster, emergency, or significant event that affects the campus-wide community.

This system allows GGU to broadcast these messages (called GGU Alert messages) simultaneously to all registered users (students, faculty, staff and other authorized individuals) via a wide-variety of notification methods. These include: individual cell phones (using SMS text messaging); office or home phones; PDA devices; and other connected alarm or notification systems. Users can also include multiple contact information (phone numbers and email address) when subscribing to the system.

GGU-Alert will only be used to send urgent notification and recovery messages that are critical to ones safety, security or well-being; or to relay other vital information in a timely manner. Some examples of messages that would be sent are: bomb-threats, evacuation orders, system outages, natural disasters, public health alerts, terrorist activity, security advisories, shelter-in-place orders, notification of suspicious activity, and other similar notifications to include periodic test messages. It will not be used for routine communications, marketing or promotional activities, or for any commercial purposes.

This service is voluntary, and there is no cost to you to participate; however, depending on your wireless service agreement, a nominal fee may be incurred for receiving text messages. And all contact information that is provided is not shared with or sold to third parties.

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GGU Alert Employee Signup Form

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Current Subscribers

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System Administrators

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