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scholarships and grants: School of Accounting

GGU's School of Accounting is excited to announce the new Braden Merit Scholarship and School of Accounting Merit Scholarship programs.  Merit scholarships will be more generous than our present financial aid awards, and will be offered to new master's of accountancy students.

The braden Merit Scholarship

This scholarship will be granted in the amount of $20,000 (more than 75% of the cost of tuition) for new master's of accountancy students who have demonstrated exceptional merit and potential for success in a rigorous academic environment.

School of Accounting Merit Award Scholarship

Current students in the School of Accounting Masters of Accountancy (MAc) program who maintain a high GPA will be invited to apply for merit scholarships that will cover the cost of one 3 unit course. Students will be invited by the Assistant Dean, and will compose a brief statement on why they are deserving of the merit award. Invitations are sent toward the end of each trimester.

Other Scholarship Opportunities

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