We've outlined the basic options to fund your education. To discover them all, we urge you to discuss your specific situation by contacting a financial aid counselor at GGU. Even if you think you might not qualify for financial assistance, you should still explore your options -- you may be surprised.



Many companies offer tuition benefits that pay for part or all of their employees' degree program or continuing education. Frequently these programs are administered through the company's human resource or employee benefits department. Many GGU students have some part of their education paid for by their employer. We can bill your employer directly or you can defer payment of tuition until you receive reimbursement from your employer. The deferment plan is available through our payment plan manager, Tuition Management Systems, and requires a $100 enrollment fee. GGU is happy to work with you or your employer to set up a payment plan.


The university offers an installment payment plan through Tuition Management Systems (a third-party payment plan manager) to students in good financial standing.

Employer Assistance Program

Employer Reimbursement Plan
  1. Sign up at www.afford.com or call 1-800-722-4867
  2. Download and complete the Employer Reimbursement Form
  3. Have the form signed by your employer
  4. Return it to Student Financial Services as indicated on the form
Corporate/Agency Direct Billing
  1. Download and complete the Corporate/Agency Direct Bill Authorization Form
  2. Have it signed by your employer
  3. Return it to Student Financial Services as indicated on the form.