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Naser Abumustafa, MBA, PhD
  • Chair, Department of Finance and Economics
  • Professor
San Francisco
  • 415-442-6500


Corporate Finance

Portfolio Management

International Finance and Investment

Capital Budgeting

Asset Pricing Models

Risk Analysis

Financial Derivatives

Cost of Capital

Capital Structure

Dividend Policy


  • PhD (finance), Fordham University

  • MBA (finance), Manhattan College

  • BS (business administration), Caldwell College

  • AS (computer science), Monroe College


2010 - Present: Professor of Finance. New York Institution of Technology. School of Management. Bahrain/Jordan.

2010: Associate Professor of Finance. New York Institution of Technology, School of Management. Bahrain/Jordan

2008 - 2009: Personal Adviser to Chairman and Managing director, Kuwait Investment Company

2006 - 2010: Associate Professor and MBA Program Director, Gulf University for Science and Technology. Kuwait

2006: Senior Executive Adviser, Kuwait and Middle East Financial Investment Company

2005 – 2006: Financial Adviser, Coast Investment and Development Company

2004 - 2006: Assistant Professor, Gulf University for Science and Technology. Kuwait

2003 - 2004: Assistant Professor and Finance Department Representative. Al- Zaytoonah University, Jordan

2002 - 2003: Visiting Assistant Professor. Earlham College, Richmond, Indiana, USA

1998 - 2002: Financial Analyst, NIA Corporation

1993 - 1998: Investment Consultant, Sana Corporation


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  • American Economic Association

  • American Econometric Society

  • American Association for the Advancement of Science

  • New York State Economic Association