Golden Gate University offers a unique experience for graduate students across the country. We offer a variety of options for instruction to best suit all of our candidates, so every student can feel like they are working up to their potential. With an array of specialized instruction, online education, and accelerated degree programs, GGU gives students the flexibility to attend school full time or part time, in person at one of our teaching centers or online. We also provide top-tier career placement services and a variety of alumni network perks, so we continue to work with our graduates long after they receive their degrees.



Another aspect of Golden Gate University that sets us apart from other schools is our faculty. Rather than staffing ivory tower educators, we prefer to give our students a chance to receive instruction from working professionals, many of whom are leaders in their field. With an ever-growing roster of adjunct professors, we provide our students access to experts of their trade whose primary purpose is to train the next generation of experts. Students have opportunities, both through instruction and through internship, to develop connections in business while earning their degree so that upon graduating, they will have a network in place to help them find rewarding work.



The increasing numbers of students that come from around the world to study at GGU offer a variety of life experiences, business backgrounds and cultures from around the globe, which fosters an understanding and appreciation of multinational diversity in our community. More and more, domestic students are discovering the value of studying in this international learning environment and building a truly global network during their educational programs.


GGU eLearning provides more than 5,000 students the opportunity to earn their graduate degree from Golden Gate University without ever setting foot on our campus. The innovative system, which has been providing fully-online degrees for over ten years now, provides the ultimate in freedom from time constraints: there are no concurrent class times, so students can do their coursework whenever time allows. Still, despite the online format, there is no difference from any other classes we offer; Online courses are taught by the same faculty and are held to the same rigorous academic standards as courses offered in traditional classroom settings. eLearning also allows our faculty to incorporate online components to their in-class instruction, adding a new dimension to our on-campus teaching.s and faculty.