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Schools: Edward S. Ageno School of Business


Student Success

While many universities are just now moving their campuses to downtown San Francisco and the lively business district, the Ageno School of Business has earned a reputation for educating adult working professionals from the heart of the City, for over 110 years. We started as the night school of the San Francisco YMCA, and for much of the 20th century we were the only choice for working professionals to earn a graduate or undergraduate degree. Since then, our business programs have developed distinctive competencies, evolving to match the demand of the current market place. We were the first evening MBA program in Northern California and the first master of public administration degree program in the Bay Area. Recently we’ve grown our programs in healthcare, human resources, sustainability and have a new concentration in entrepreneurship. ASOB is recognized as having the third largest MBA program in the Bay Area


Student Success

Golden Gate University named its School of Business in March 2000 in honor of Edward S. Ageno. Edward S. Ageno was born and raised in Oakland, California. Born into an Italian immigrant family, he was the epitome of the self-made man who attained his goals through study, hard work and perseverance. He typified the Golden Gate University, adult working student who achieves his or her personal and career goals through our practice-based higher education.

While attending Golden Gate’s night school at the old Central YMCA building from 1934-1938, Mr. Ageno earned his B.C.S. degree in Accountancy despite a long commute by ferry and streetcar from the East Bay and a full-time work schedule. During those years he also worked for several companies doing accounting and auditing to help pay for his education and support his family.

Following his graduation, Mr. Ageno entered the public accounting field, eventually forming his own accounting firm. Through his accounting business, he made the contacts that led him into his entrepreneurial career. He was Accountant/Bookkeeper for Galileo-Capri Salami Company, eventually becoming its president and sole owner. The company is now a division of the Sara Lee Corporation.