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ageno school of business: Choosing a Degree Program

Choosing a Degree Program


At the Edward S. Ageno School of Business, we have many graduate degrees and delivery modes to meet the needs of busy working professionals. The right degree for you depends on your experience, background and desired outcome. Here are a few common scenarios:

You may or may not have taken business classes, work in a specific profession and want to move up to management level.
Consider an MBA degree, with or without a concentration in your industry or another area of interest

You have a business degree and want to gain deeper insight into an industry, becoming a qualified and trusted specialist.
Consider an MS degree

You are currently a manager and want to advance to the executive level while building your network.
A Professional (PMBA) or Executive MBA (EMBA may be right for you.

You have little business background but are experience in an aspect of governmental or public sector work, with the desire to become a leader.
Consider an EMPA degree

You are making a career change but lack current, industry-specific knowledge.
Consider an MS degree

And there are many more! Our enrollment counselors work with you to determine the right program for you.

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Delivery Method
In-class (SF) AND/OR Online Mixed-mode
Completion Time
1-5 years 16 months
1 class per week OR Online Every other Saturday
No Yes
International Trip
No No
Consulting Project
No No
Guest-Speaker Series
No No
Tuition (estimated)
$24.5-38.8K $42.5K


Designed for working professionals and full-time students alike, the traditional GGU MBA offers you the opportunity to pursue your MBA on your own terms. It is our most flexible program, making it easier to balance your studies, work and personal life. You can proceed at your own pace, sequence courses as fits your interests, decide how many courses to take in a given trimester, and take courses either in person or through our award-winning CyberCampus. Build a greater depth of understanding by choosing one our 14 concentration areas. Program length: 18 months


This cohort program is designed for the early-career professional with at least five years of full-time work experience, three in a managerial role. You and your fellow cohort members will progress through your educational journey together, immersed in an intensive 16 month course of study to learn how to meet real business challenges. Start with a strong emphasis in teamwork, learnt he core business knowledge and skills and conclude with a final term that integrates personal goals, company objectives and social values. Convenient classes meet in person on alternating Saturdays and leverage our online CyberCampus platform to reduce the total in-class time. Program length: 16 months


Our master of science degrees teach specialized in-depth knowledge, critical thinking and practical skills essential to a specific field of interest such as finance, financial planning, project and systems management, human resources, information technology management, marketing, integrated marketing, psychology, or public administration. An MBA degree on the other hand, provides the broader knowledge-base necessary to thrive in any business environment and be a successful manager, applying the principles of business operation and management technique to the 21st century.


The Executive Master of Public Administration is for experienced students who want to advance in public, non-profit or government organizations. It provides in-depth exposure to the critical areas of executive and managerial focus common to middle and upper-level management in those environments as opposed to the corporate climate.


The Doctor of Business Administration at GGU is the only part-time DBA program in the Bay Area. It is a professional practice degree, concerned with researching real business and managerial issues via the critical review and systematic application of appropriate theories and research to professional practice. This may be contrasted to the Ph.D. which places more emphasis on the development of new knowledge and theoretical perspectives. Most students enroll part-time, on the San Francisco campus.


Our graduate certificates are designed for those who may not have the time to pursue a full-length degree, or may simply want to update a knowledge set in their respective industries. This learning can preclude a career change, a professional certification, or simply help you advance in your chosen profession.

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