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Edward S. Ageno School of Business: FAQ


Do I need work experience in the field to be admitted?

Most of our programs do not require work experience. However, it is required for admission to the PMBA, EMBA, MSHRM (cohort only), and MSITM. For details, please refer to our online catalog.

What are the application requirements of my program?

Each degree program has different requirements for admission. Please refer directly to your program of interest in our online catalog.

Is the GMAT required for admission?

The GMAT is only required for the MBA and the DBA, however, the GMAT can be waived by meeting certain requirements. For our GMAT waiver policy, please refer to page 95 of our online catalog.

Can I take classes before I am formally admitted?

You may take advantage of open enrollment before being formally admitted. A maximum of 9 units can be completed in open enrollment status and can be credited toward meeting a graduate degree or certificate program.

Must I satisfy all course pre-requisites to enroll?

Pre-requisites, proficiencies, and foundations do not necessarily need to be completed to be admitted to a program. In some cases, it is possible to take a proficiency exam at GGU to address a requirement.

How much will it cost?

The total cost depends on the program of choice and the number of units you’re required to meet. For a complete breakdown of tuition costs, please refer to page 102 of our online catalog.

Can I use student loans? What are the requirements?

Many GGU students use financial aid to help cover tuition costs. To view eligibility requirements, please refer to page 104 of our online catalog. Note: Financial aid is not available for certificate programs and/or open enrollment. Click Here to View.

Are there scholarships?

Yes, there are graduate scholarships for new and continuing students and range from $500 to $3000 a semester. The deadline for scholarship essays is the first week in July. Students must be at least half-time status in the fall. Continuing students at GGU must be in good academic standing according to financial aid criteria and continuously enrolled. The scholarships are listed on our website. Click Here to View.

How quickly can I complete my degree?

With the exception of our cohort programs, GGU’s programs are self paced. Each student chooses a course of study that fits his or her life. The MS or MBA may be completed in 16 months.

How many classes should I take each term?

This depends on your particular life circumstances. On average, a GGU student that is working full time will take 2 courses per term. Important note: In order to be eligible for financial aid, a student must be enrolled in courses with at least a half-time enrollment status.

Do I have to take my classes in a certain order?

Many programs have courses that require prerequisites. For details, please refer to your program of choice in our online catalog.

When can I start?

GGU offers 3 terms per year; Fall, Spring, and Summer. Please refer to our academic calendar for specific start dates.

Class Schedule- how often do we meet and when?

Most classes meet once a week on a week-night. Cohorts often meet on Saturday or Sunday. For specific course details, please refer to our online course schedule.

Can I do it online? Do I have to do it online? Can I mix and match?

Most degrees with the exception of MS IMC and Psychology can be taken fully online. Rather, you may follow those classes in person if you choose. Mixed mode classes are a combination of the two.

What kind of students will I be studying with?

The average age of GGU students is 34. GGU students come from all over the world, creating a multi-national classroom. Many of GGU’s students are working professionals.

What is a cohort?

A cohort is a group of fellow students that follow the program together, with a set schedule and completion date. We offer cohorts for the MS HRM, PMBA, EMBA & EMPA.

Can I take a break for a term and start again later?

Yes, unless you are a member of a cohort. In order to preserve admission, GGU requires students to enroll in and complete at least one course every three trimesters. Failing to do so will result in an automatic withdrawal from the university. Students whose circumstances require them to be absent for three consecutive trimesters may be eligible for a leave of absence. For information regarding a leave of absence, please refer to page 136 of our online catalog.

If I begin as a certificate candidate, can I apply the courses I earn for the certificate towards a degree?

Yes, if you are admitted to the degree program.

Are there any career services available for students?

Our fully staffed career services office offers individual career advising, resume & industry workshops, a job & internship board and more. Click Here to View.