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Graduate Studies at GGU: Student Success

The continued achievement in our graduate programs is due largely to a mix of small class size, cohort programs for on-campus students, career placement, and a personalized course of study. We understand how difficult it can be for working professionals to make time for school, so we cater our programs so that our students can pursue a master's degree at their own pace, in a way that works around their schedule. While we are more than happy to accept full time students both on campus and online, we take great pride in our ability to develop a course of study to working individuals' needs.


student success

As a university, we are constantly striving to provide an education for our students that will keep them engaged as well as prepare them for careers in their field. Our high graduation and retention rates demonstrate that our programs engage learners from all levels, and help start them and keep them on the path to graduation. Please view the web page with your program of interest for more information about our graduation and retention rates.

Regardless of whether students are in our accelerated day program or taking one or two classes a term while working, we will find a course of study to keep students on track to achieve their goals. No matter how long it takes for a student to finish, or how quickly they might be done, we also help with career placement to help our students continue their success even after they have graduated.


The Outstanding Student Award Ceremony celebrates students who have achieved academic excellence at Golden Gate University. Determination to reach lofty goals is truly inspiring and worthy of commemoration.