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Student Life: Wellness Resources

At GGU Wellness Resources, we know that life doesn't stop when you become a student. Our mission is to support you in balancing the other important areas of your life with your educational demands, as well enhancing your academic success while you are working toward your degree.


GGU students have access to these health education resources:
  • A free subscription to Student Health 101. This interactive online magazine offers health and wellness information from September to June each year. Its interactive format includes video and audio options that make it fun to participate. In just 10 minutes reading Student Health 101, you can learn some great tips and even enter to win the monthly $1,000 drawing!
  • Each issue is filled with ideas from you, other GGU students at GGU and across the USA and Canada. Youll have the opportunity to upload your own video or submit your text comments about topics ranging from fitness at the gym to healthy study habits and managing relationships. Each month, our special SH101 campus correspondent interviews GGU students about topics related to aspects of student wellness and success.
  • Youll also have access to the Student Health 101 self-care guide on topics ranging from dealing with fevers or flu to dealing with depression and smoking.
  • Work/Life Balance materials on dealing with stress, effectively managing your time and energy, handling test/presentation anxiety, developing your vision for your life and setting goals to meet that vision, and other topics. Our staff offers private consulting on these and other health and wellness topics, either 1-1 or in small groups.
  • Activities to support you in increasing your health awareness and achieving your wellness lifestyle goals. For example:
  • Drop by our Wellness Wednesday table in various campus lobbies. We publicize where well be one Wednesday a month to introduce you to local health-oriented services and answer your questions.
  • Join other students, faculty and staff at Lunchtime Stress Break, where we take an hour a week to reflect and meditate, followed by sharing over brown bag lunch. Invite your friends because in supporting themselves, they support you: Wednesdays from 12-1 pm mid-August through mid-June.


GGU students can receive brief personal counseling and support, including:
  • Confidential assessment and consultation, either face-to-face or over the phone, regardless of your geographic location.
  • Face-to-face counseling on our San Francisco campus.
  • Referrals to appropriate off-campus health and psychological resources close to school, home or work. This includes confidential referrals to conventional, holistic and complementary practitioners and services.

Contact Information

The most private way to contact us is by telephone. When you call, please leave your telephone number(s), and the best times to reach you. We make every attempt to schedule an initial appointment or give you referrals within a week of your first call to us.

Privacy is always respected and all our records are maintained offline and separately from academic records.

We have been offering private, personal counseling services since 1996 and added health education services in 2003.

Study Well...Live Well