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The path to success often begins with a question.

Find answers to the questions posed below through our web resources and contact our enrollment team for further information.


Where do I go to:

Find out more about Undergraduate Programs?

Undergraduate Programs will be the last stop on your way to achieving your academic goals. With a Personal Path to Completion program and an advising team committed to your success, you'll be closer than you ever thought to success.

Find out more about Graduate Programs?

GGU's four schools accounting, business, law, taxation all have a distinct blend of academic and professional experience that brings practical knowledge into the classroom.

Find out more information about my program of interest?

GGU offers degrees and certificates among 16 different disciplines and various specialties. From forensic accounting to honors lawyering, our undergraduate and programs will give you the formal and practical skills for you career.

Find out the admission requirements to my program?

Every degree or certificate program will have its own admission requirements, sometimes depending on your prior learning and/or work experience. You can find this information on the programs individual web page along with information about how much the program will cost, take to complete and how to request more information.

Find all the information you need for undergraduate, graduate and law admissions for both international and US applicants:

What is admissions process?
1) Start by applying online for a program
You'll create a unique ID and password for accessing the GGU4YOU applicant intranet. Behind this log-in, you can check the status of your application at any time and update your personal profile.

2) Contact your enrollment counselor:

3) Learn more about how to:

Find how much my program will cost?

When it comes to helping you find resources to finance your education, we are all about giving you options. Even if you think you do not qualify for traditional aid, your enrollment or financial aid counselor will happily help you discover other sources:

Find out how much transfer credit I can receive?
Transferring to GGU is a convenient process, and many students receive the maximum number of transfer units possible:
Undergraduate Candidates may transfer up to seventy (70) semester units of community college credit can be accepted; a total of 93 units can be completed through transfer from community colleges, 4-year accredited institutions.

Graduate Candidates for master's degrees may transfer up to six (6) 300- 400-level units to the advanced program from graduate course work completed at other regionally accredited institutions.

Law Candidates


What is the retention/graduation rate?

Retention and graduation rates for every non-law degree program can be found on the programs individual web page.


Where do I go to learn more about eLearning?


What does Career Services offer to students?

GGU Career Services provides life-long career coaching and planning resources, internships, and job postings for students, employers, and alumni.