Partner with GGU: Hire a Student or Intern

Looking for your next star employee? How about an intern who has both work experience and a professionally focused classroom experience? Look no further than the students of Golden Gate University.

Reach the next level of professionals

The hallmark of GGU students is their ability to make a measurable contribution to your company today. The majority of their professors and classmates are working professionals in the field -- all sharing their practical knowledge -- so you don't have to wait for students to graduate to get the benefit of a fantastic employee or intern.

Were proud of our students and work hard to ensure that if the person you're hiring is from GGU, they:
  • have relevant bodies of knowledge and their application
  • have the ability to think critically, analyze and synthesize information
  • have the knowledge of professional standards and ethics
  • have a respect for a diversity among people and ideas
  • can research, communicate and use relevant industry technology, adapt to change
  • possess leadership qualities
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