Ready for Marriage? Evaluating the Supreme Court's Oberfell Arguments Like a Pro

"Oral argument binds no judge. Even when the Justice meet in conference later this week to discuss the case and "vote," the opinions expressed at that point remain preliminary and nonbinding. A Justice can change her or his mind; it's happened in the past and will again. Nevertheless, oral argument does give us some indications of how each Justice is leaning on the day the Court hears the case and it can highlight the elements of the parties' arguments that a particular Justice is unconvinced of or persuadable on. So, what should you listen for when you listen to the oral argument recording? What should you look for in the same-day transcript? What questions or comments from the Justices indicate -- might indicate -- that the conventional wisdom is right or wrong to expect a victory for marriage equality?" Click the link above to find out what you should be looking for.

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