GGU Law's WERC Earns Honorable Mention

The Women's Employment Rights Clinic of Golden Gate University School of Law (WERC) received an honorable mention in this year's Clinical Legal Education Awards (CLEA) for Best Public Interest Case or Project. WERC serves as legal counsel to the California Domestic Worker Coalition ("Coalition"), providing technical and legal advice to the Coalition. The Coalition consists of eight California based worker center organizations. The Coalition sponsored several bills to end the unfair treatment of domestic workers in California and to create industry-wide standards. On September 26, 2013, California's governor signed into law AB 241, the Domestic Worker Bill of Rights. The bill extends overtime to approximately 100,000 domestic workers who spend a significant amount of time caring for children, elderly and people with disabilities. It is one of the greatest expansion of overtime in California since the 1970s. Drawing on their expertise in representing domestic workers, WERC provided critical legal analysis to the Coalition on existing rights, gaps in coverage and advice and counseling on strategic decisions. WERC faculty and students drafted bill language based on the Coalition's priorities, helped with messaging, trained Coalition members on the law, reviewed worker hearing testimony, submitted written analysis on the impact of proposed changes and met with legislators and the Governor's staff. WERC brought a client-centered approach to legislative advocacy, providing a framework and structure for the role that lawyers play in grassroots advocacy in empowering the members of the coalition to be leaders in their own campaigns. WERC was an integral part of the community-based, worker-led legislative campaign that is linked to a national movement for transforming rights for domestic workers. For more information, click the link above.

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