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The green technology revolution is underway. Can the U.S. keep up?

The biggest questions facing our state — and our planet — need answers.

Hear how Golden Gate University alumni like Dara Grey (BA 11) are weighing in on the policies facing green jobs initiatives.

Is President Obama's "Green Jobs" initiative a colossal failure? Or is the Bay Area suddenly leading the nation in clean-tech growth? Maybe it depends upon whom you ask.

With gas prices soaring and unemployment lingering, the conversation on green jobs is once again heating up. If it’s the wave of the future, why isn’t the clean tech sector in the US exploding right now? "The world is moving forward with clean tech," says Dara Grey, GGU alumna and account manager at Greentech Media, the leading source of news and research on green technology and the clean tech movement. “But there is disagreement in the US on how best to move forward. We need a long-term consistent policy at the federal level. There's a huge amount of potential, but there’s uncertainty in the climate because we don’t know subsidies, and policies will be in place for a long time.”

Some argue that our values as a nation play a role in the stagnation of jobs growth in the clean-tech sector. Regardless of the cause of the slowdown (is there really a slow down? Or just growth below expectations?) in the US, the fact remains that global demand for clean tech is growing fast, clean-economy jobs offer median wages 13% higher than the rest of the economy and generate exports at twice the rate of the average US job, and without more government action, America currently risks failing to exploit growing world demand and being outperformed by competitors in the space.

With alumni like Grey, GGU preparing its students for success by teaching sustainability business practices in its management programs, as well as a graduate course focused on sustainable business operations (OP 301).

"The US economy is not going to be the same as it is today 50 years in the future,” says Grey, who graduated from GGU with BA in management in 2011 and got a job in clean tech. "But that’s no reason not to move forward with these energy changes in order to make a better world."

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Dara Grey Account Manager, Greentech Media
Dara Grey

BA 11

Account Manager, Greentech Media

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