Profiles: Chip Conradi

Chip Conradi

Chip Conradi

JD 78, MBA 81

Treasurer & V.P. - Tax at The Clorox Company



As a new Cornell University graduate with vague notions of going to law school, he'd arrived in San Francisco during the summer of 1974 with a fraternity brother and a loaded car working in the Adirondacks working for a building contractor, saving money and laying plans. Armed with a Rand McNally roadmap and an invitation from a college friend who had graduated a year earlier, they landed in the Bay Area a month later.

Volunteering to work for legal aid projects seemed like a logical way to prepare for law school. The San Francisco Neighborhood Legal Assistance Foundation (SFNLAF) agreed to take him on as a volunteer, beginning a three-year involvement gaining valuable experience. He would be at Bank of America until the late 1980s, rejoining the bank again in 1990 to 2000, when he left to join Clorox. The Bank of America chapters of his career included his initial exposure to courtroom cases.

The Conradi family moved to Japan in 1983 for three years and in 1986, returned to San Francisco and a troubled Bank of America. By the next year, Chip Conradi was settled in as the director of tax planning at American President Lines, an Oakland-based shipping line. When an offer came in 2000 from the Clorox Company to become the VP-Tax, he happily accepted. Chip thrived. He'd been the vice president of tax for four years when Clorox decided to restructure the financial organization and turned to Conradi for his input, becoming the treasurer and adding the credit group in 2008. Today, in addition to the Clorox bleach, Clorox's portfolio contains everything from Burt's Bees, Glad bags and wraps. As part of his role at Clorox, Conradi is a board member of the Clorox Foundation which provided $4.1 million in cash grants in 2013.

Chip Conradi has presented at the GGU Braden Business Leadership Series. A member of the GGU Board of Trustees since 2007, he also is a former member of the Alameda County Community Food Bank board, and co-led its capital campaign. He's also a member of the East Bay Regional Parks Foundation Board, and the Board of Junior Achievement of Northern California. He also chairs the City of Oakland Board of Tax Review.


Formally named Charles Conradi like his father, Chip inherited his nickname from being a "chip" off the old block. His children have not carried on the Charles namesake, but his youngest daughter Jessie has carried on the Conradi legacy attending GGU Law as both her parents had.