Profiles: Garima Gupta


Garima Gupta

Master of Science in Finance

Outstanding Graduate Honoree

Born and raised in India, Garima Gupta moved to the US when she got married in 2010. When she joined the masters program in Finance at GGU in Jan 2011, she already had an MBA degree and professional experience of close to six years working in the renowned financial institutions in India. Along with taking courses, she also held the position of VP Finance at Campus Currents (GGU's student's magazine) where she had the opportunity to apply the financial skills that she learned in the class room.

Currently, she is working as a Financial Analyst with Wells Fargo bank and feels fortunate be working in the field even before she has completed her coursework. She thoroughly enjoyed all her classes and would like to extend her warm regards to the professors who did not limit her learning to the textbooks but brought with them the real-life experiences. She plans to pursue her CFA starting spring of next year. When not working or at school she enjoys cooking, hiking and traveling long distances with her husband.