Profiles: Running a business to benefit BOTH the top and bottom lines and society


Diana Rothschild

Professor, Managing for Sustainability

Sustainability Strategy Management Consultant

To both learn the material and then test and integrate...

What led you to teach at GGU?

I like GGU's goal to create job-ready graduates.

How long hae you been teaching at GGU?

This is my first semester teaching at GGU.

Why do you like teaching at GGU?

I enjoy teaching at GGU because the students seem curious and excited to both learn the material and then test and integrate into their day jobs pretty quickly.

Why would you hire a student that studied sustainability at GGU?

Having a job-ready graduate is quite appealing as an employer because I know they can hit the ground running and we can make a difference sooner

What advice can you give current students to help them succeed after they've completed their GGU education?

Stay in the game and continue to learn along the way -- read up on sustainability wins and examples in other industries, interview other GGU alums in this field to stay abreast of whats happening and where insights and hidden value are being found, all while making the world a better place.

Why do you like this field?

Sustainability is all about systems thinking. The best solution is the one that takes all stakeholders into account and creates & increases value along the entire supply chain while reducing impacts and their wake. Sustainability is about bringing the whole person to work & play everyday -- and that relates to everyone -- which makes it especially fun! Sustaining our planet and resources is something that everyone can relate to, and it gives us the opportunity to challenge how we define success commercially, operate economically, and thrive personally. Its caused me to rethink the way I live, interact with others, and take care of myself and my family and friends. Something with such totality excites me and makes me want to learn more and see even more possibility.

What do you do as a sustainability management strategy consultant?

I advise CEOs and senior executives to see the requirements & benefits of using sustainability as a lens to increase profits and regenerating value for society and our planet. I help these leaders see that they can do business in a slightly different way that enables them to get what they want to get done faster, better, and cheaper.

Diana's experience in merchandising and supply chain strategy, combined with her innate ability to connect stakeholders through common interests allows her to find untapped potential leading profit and non-profit leaders. Diana exhibits a deep commitment to transforming world-changing and world-leading companies for the better of all stakeholders.

What is your proudest accomplishment?

I helped launch the sustainability efforts for the worlds largest company. I approached Walmarts CEO, Lee Scott with my idea (in an elevator in Dallas with a 30-story ride). That conversation led me to help him and his team to come up with a strategy & set of tactics that created ripple effects through supply chains worldwide.

What excites you?

I get most excited when I am able help a business leader see how sustainability can be a lens to view their business such that it runs smoother, faster, and more productive in ways that benefit BOTH the top and bottom lines and society.

Diana received a BS in business administration from University of California, Berkeley and an MBA from Stanford University.