Profiles: Robert A. Elya


Robert A. Elya


Adjunct Professor

Robert Elya's Bio

Golden Gate University is so exceptional because it has professionals instructing courses who have worked in the field in which they teach.

Robert Elya is currently a Partner in the National Professional Practice Group of Ernst & Young, LLP. In addition to teaching at Golden Gate University, he is a contracted Instructor at Ernst & Young and an Instructor at HAAS School of Business. Some of his specialties include SEC practice and accounting research. Robert is a Certified Public Accountant licensed in California, Nebraska, Nevada, Oregon and Washington. He is also a member of American Institute of CPAs. Robert holds a B.S. in Business Administration from University of Nebraska at Omaha.

Robert in one word: Consistent

Childhood dream job: NBA player

Favorite musical artist: Pink

Favorite quote: "It is what it is." Dan Flavin

Favorite movie:Star Wars: Episode IV