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Xuhong Luo

Xuhong Luo


Adjunct Professor at Golden Gate University, Manager, CPA, MT, MAC at Singerlewak LLP

Xuhong Luo's Bio

Golden Gate University is so exceptional because most of the professors have real world experience and they teach you how to think further about how to solve the problems that arise. There is a big gap between theory and the real world and the professors help students bridge that gap and learn how to thrive in the world outside of theory.

Xuhong Luo is currently a senior accountant and auditor with the San Francisco office of ACSB's Company, LLP, a full service CPA firm. She has worked in the accounting, auditing and taxationareas for 21 years. She has spent ten years overseeing and auditing international and domestic companies in China and eleven years with CPA firms and various industries in the United States. Xuhong has worked in accounting and auditing for international companies and diversified industries. Additionally, she has experience with financial statement preparation for a variety of industries, as well as preparation of corporation, partnership, and individual tax returns. She has particular experience on the auditing of hedge funds and private entity venture capital funds. Xuhong holds a Masters in Accounting from GoldenGate University.

Xuhong in one word: Optimist

Interests & hobbies: Classical music, math & Taichi

Favorite musical artist: Beethoven

Favorite quote: The longest journey begins with a single step. Lao-tzu

Favorite movie: The Sound of Music