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Yang Ye


Adjunct Professor

Yang Ye's Bio

I know that there are exceptional people (instructors, IT technicians and students alike) at Golden Gate University trying to build an exceptional eLearning community. I am glad that I may contribute a small part to that and believe so can you.

Yang Ye has been an Adjunct Professor at Golden Gate University since 2010 and is currently a member of KPMGs International Corporate Tax practice in Los Angeles. He has nine years of experience assisting U.S. and foreign multinational companies in their global tax planning. Yang has experience in a wide variety of international tax practice areas including international M&A, corporate reorganization, cross-border finance structuring, Subpart F planning, repatriation planning, IP migration, and international PE analysis. He has gained significant experience implementing tax strategies, policies and procedures across different functions of global companies. He has solid background in international tax compliance and has familiarity with transfer pricing and cost sharing arrangements. Yang graduated with honors from Golden Gate University with a M.S. in Tax, cum laude from William Mitchell College of Law with a J.D. and received a B.A. from University of International Business and Economics.

Yang in one word: Pragmatic

Interests & hobbies: Being a Tai Chi master & assist coaching base-ball for Arcadia Little League

Favorite musical artists: Live music from many artists

Guilty pleasure: Browsing YouTube videos (i.e. the highlights of Jeremy Lin Show), - "while I know that there are a million other things waiting for me to do."

Favorite quotes: "To go up is to go down; to move to the left is to move to the right." Unknown

"To move is not to move; to not move is to move." Unknown