Profiles: Aram Hauslaib

Aram Hauslaib

Aram Hauslaib

JD 16

Independent Contractor at Bonjour, Thorman, Burns, Dahm & Wargo

Tell me something special or interesting about your background before you went to law school.

Prior to moving to San Francisco, more than 10 years ago, I worked in Boston at a group home helping neglected boys. But in the midst of a brutal winter, I needed to get out of Boston, so I made a bold decision -- I trekked cross country to San Francisco in November 2004 with only $1,000 and a suitcase. Fortunately, I secured a job with an organization that helps homeless families and families at imminent risk for homelessness to achieve housing stability, family well-being, and self-sufficiency. There, I work in the development and volunteer programs. I've enjoyed my work.

Why did you decide to go to law school?

While working in family homelessness, I felt like I was putting a Band-Aid on all the problems I faced with clients. I didn't have the power to make policy changes and I knew with law school, I could get involved in policy issues affecting family homelessness and get involved in other poverty issues like housing, health, and education. I felt I always knew I would go to law school. My father was a public defender, and my mother worked in prisons, so I've long had the desire to get involved in the justice system.

Tell me something special or interesting about your law school experience.

I found my evidence class, taught by Federal Magistrate Judge Maria-Elena James, special because along with theory, she sees the practice-side on a daily basis. This led to an opportunity to extern for her, which I am currently doing. 

I've found my part-time evening experience great. My colleagues are collegial and warm. I am with a great group of people who are dedicated and helpful.

What is your greatest source of motivation/support as you work towards your JD?

Finishing the JD!

What is your favorite thing you do when you are not at law school?

On the rare occasions I do have time, I try to read fiction, mostly crime or mystery. I also try to take vacations to see my family on the East Coast. And I always make sure to be near the water!

What message / advice do you have for your fellow law students?

It sounds a little gloomy, but I'd honestly warn everyone you care about that you're not going to be available for a while. And don't move, don't break up with anyone, don't get married -- you're undertaking a marathon. Of course I moved and I'm getting married in my last semester!

I suggest to incoming 1Ls to participate in class, if for no other reason than to stay awake, but really because you'll get a lot more out of class. And usually your questions are someone else's too.

If you weren't in law school right now, what would you be doing?

I almost became a therapist because I am drawn to counseling people. Most people are capable. They just don't have all the information and tools, and they need someone to point them in right direction, and I want to be the person pointing them in the right direction.

About the Interviewer: Cameron Lue-Sang (JD 13) is the Associate Director of Admissions for the School of Law. You can find him urban hiking throughout San Francisco's 46.87 square miles so he can achieve his Fitbit daily and weekly step goals, and outdo his mother, who averages almost 115,000 steps every week.