Christina Parilli-Rodriguez


MS - Integrated Marketing Communications

A Different Perspective

I am from a beautiful country in South America called Venezuela. My country is unfortunately experiencing many problems with its economy. In order to be of service to my country, I decided to come to the US to prepare myself for my country's future economic recovery. It is very important for young people to work toward helping build better communities in their respective countries.

I love marketing and am studying for a Master’s degree in this field. I wanted to study abroad to gain a different point of view about how the marketing business works. I chose to study at GGU because of their Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) program. The program focuses on real-life practice and involves the students in a unique way.

When I first contacted GGU to apply to the program, the response I received was very warm and personal, which helped me in my decision to study here. I love the fact that the classes are participatory and that we work in teams. This gives me a strong skill set which I will carry into my work when I return to my country.

I am in my second semester at GGU and want to say that coming to the states to study at GGU is one of the best decisions I have ever made.