Profiles: Evan Skevofilax


Evan Skevofilax

Bachelor of Arts in Management


A Model of Perseverance

Evan decided to attend GGU because he could not gain admission into law school without his undergraduate degree.

Like many students, Evan planned for one set of circumstances and experienced some unforeseen challenges in his educational journey. Before enrolling at GGU, Evan asked questions like, "how will I pay for tuition and books and how can I maintain a high GPA while meeting the demands of my job"? When Evan ended up losing his job and then his apartment he faced a new set of challenges: keeping himself housed and fed and refusing to give up his dream.

This is best articulated in Evan's own words when he shares," I've been homeless for eighteen months and have experienced some ups and downs, but I'm on track to graduate in May and that makes me very happy. I've heard that nothing is impossible and now I know that's true. Ask me about it and I'll tell you."

Evans professional goals include publishing a "manual" for young adults who have ambitions but lack positive role models. Evan also has a keen interest in child advocacy. Evan is currently applying to law schools and anticipates beginning his law education in August 2013.