Profiles: Nioura Foad-Ghazni

Nioura Foad-Ghazni

Nioura Foad-Ghazni


Corporate Associate Attorney, Osborn McDerby LLP

Background Before Law School:

Nioura Foad-Ghazni is originally from Toronto, Canada and moved here to pursue law school from a U.S. university. Once accepted at GGU, her world changed overnight. She moved to another country and started law school in a very short amount of time.

Decision to go to Law School:

Nioura has always been interested in business, and she wanted to combine that with a legal background. Thus, she enrolled in the JD/MBA program which has helped her assert more credibility in her legal practice, as well as help her understand client issues more thoroughly.

Law School Experience:

During law school, Nioura has learned so much about her determination and drive to succeed. She never thought she was capable of achieving the type of success she has. She is regularly out there meeting counsel from major corporations, networking at off campus events, and leading student organizations, all while keeping up with her coursework.

Source of Motivation and Support:

Nioura has a great family and husband, Sam, who support her. They are constantly encouraging her and giving her the positive energy she needs to succeed.

Nioura's Advice for Law Students:

In Nioura's words, "Network early! You can be successful if you are confident in who you are and are not afraid to showcase your passion and drive. Get in front of people early and build relationships because those will lead to great opportunities and professional friendships but also stay true to who you are."

About the interviewer: Marcie Areias is the LCS 3L and alumni career advisor. Before joining GGU in May, she was the interim career advisor at McGeorge School of Law in Sacramento. Marcie is a UCLA Law graduate and practiced corporate law for 3 ½ years before pursuing a career in law career services,