Profiles: Philip Bangura

Philip Bangura

Philip Bangura

MS in Finance '16

Head, Credit Reference Bureau at Bank of Sierra Leone

How did your experience or attributes lead you to win a Fulbright scholarship?

I was able to convince the panel about the skill gap in the central bank and the University of Sierra Leone that the MS Finance will address. The Fulbright Scholarship is all about making a positive impact after your studies; thus, my plans upon completion of this course are to continue to lecture at the University of Sierra Leone and also organize workshops and seminars through the Institute of Bankers.

Our International office mentioned you developed a credit report system in Sierra Leone. Can you elaborate on this endeavor?

In the credit market, creditors often do not know enough about the other party (clients or borrowers) to make accurate decisions. This inequality is called asymmetric information. In a bid to address this problem, I was appointed by the Governor to set up the first ever public registry housed by the central bank. The enactment of the Credit Reference Act 2011 provides the legislative framework for the Bank of Sierra Leone to operate an interim Credit Reference Bureau Unit (CRB). The CRB will collect credit information on individuals and business entities to help creditors make informed decisions based on the credit history of their clients.

What about Golden Gate University attracted you to pursue your MS in Finance? How do you think your degree will help you in your career?

Golden Gate has a long, rich history that spans over 100 years and is renowned for its Finance, Tax and Law courses. I wanted to be taught by professionals who provide you with practical experience to support the academic work. The MS Finance program will help me understand the world of corporate finance and investment and thereby help design appropriate policies to regulate the financial institutions. Also, I will help the university to produce qualified bankers who would be skilled in the area of corporate finance and investment.

For international students considering GGU, what advice would you give?

GGU is one of the best non-profit universities in the USA. The instructors are all professionals who have years of practical experience in their various disciplines. At GGU, they prepare you to take up any work challenge after graduation and succeed. GGU has one of most diverse student bodies making it easier for you to feel at home and enjoy your native language with peers from your country.

Note: This interview was completed while Bangura was pursuing his masters of science degree in finance.