Profiles: Sam Yazdanseta

Sam Yazdanseta

Sam Yazdanseta

JD 14

Business Operations at International Car Parts

Something special and interesting about Sam's background before he went to law school

Sam the Bostonian had the opportunity to do some acting as part of his commitment to grassroots campaigning on behalf of Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick. In a campaign commercial, he was in a crowd of cheering volunteers led by President Barack Obama during a pep rally! Raaaa!

Why Sam decided to go to law school

Sam brought his enthusiastic spirit to GGU Law with one particular goal in mind: to make the law more accessible to small businesses. His inspiration was a friend who started a clothing line. Sam set off to GGU to learn how best to foster the excitement of his creative friend and to be an integral part of the growth of the common person. Whether it is helping a friend try to open up a clothing store or to prevent the mom and pop store around the corner from disappearing, Sam wants to do his part to keep the dream alive even in tough times.

Something special and interesting about Sam's law school experience

"Where do I start!?" says Sam. He quickly sums it up: GGU has "opened me up." Simply from his participation with student organizations like La Raza and the Sports and Entertainment club, he has grown to understand that the legal issues affecting our community are varied and dynamic. Surrounded by the activity in the heart of San Francisco, Sam has also understood that there's much to do for the GGU law student and that our community's challenges must be met with dedication and patience.

Sam's greatest source of motivation/support as he works towards his JD

Sam's greatest sources of motivation and support are his fellow law students at GGU. His colleagues have a wide range of community-focused passions like working with wronged employees and protecting indigent tenants. These selfless activities remind him of his own aspiration of providing legal services to small businesses, many of whom have been facing hardship during this economic downturn.Sam's focus on law school has also been made possible by his family and friends outside of school, who have always been a continuing source of love, motivation, and support.

Sam's favorite things to do when not at law school

Sam loves to collect vinyl! One of his favorite genres of music is soul, but he appreciates anything originating from the social movements of the 1960s and 1970s that sing to the daily lives of "the little guy." Sam's taste in music "keeps it real," as does his taste in food. He particularly enjoys dining out at Korean, Indian, and Salvadorian restaurants throughout San Francisco to enjoy some of his favorite fare.

Sam's message/advice for his fellow law students

"The best advice I myself received was from a friend who graduated from GGU: never compromise yourself or your goals." In essence, establish how law school impassions you and go for it. "If getting straight A's is your goal, fine but don't become a different person because of it."

If not in law school right now, what would Sam be doing?

In line with his focus on serving small business, Sam's logical academic alternative to law school was business school. Had he not chosen to move forward with an advanced degree, he would have been more involved in developing that inspiring friend's clothing line. Was I supposed to be reading between the lines: does Sam have a fascination with Project Runway?

About the interviewer: Jagdish (Jay) Bijlani is the Assistant Director of Bar Exam Services and teaches Practical Legal Writing and Strategies of Legal Writing. Before joining GGU Law, he was a professor and Assistant Director of Academic Development at Santa Clara University School of Law. He is an avid traveler and lives with his partner, Charles, and their two greyhounds Sydney and Luna.