Professional Master of Business Administration

A professionally-focused cohort program that integrates innovative content and delivery for those who want to excel in today's competitive business environment.

ProGRAM Highlights

The professional MBA program provides new and mid-level managers with an opportunity to learn and develop the management skills that will enable them to excel in today's competitive environment. With the cohort structure, your learning is shared and enhanced by the experiences of your peers. Engaged mentorship by your faculty and program director also provides the necessary support to take your career to the next level.


Graduates of the Professional MBA Program will be able to:
  • Work effectively in teams
  • Sell their ideas
  • Apply theory to understand real practical situations
  • Think “outside the box” and develop novel solutions
  • Integrate the functional department issues into a coherent strategic whole
  • Analyze and synthesize problems
  • Manage the development of their own careers

And be knowledgeable about:
  • Current international and global issues
  • Ethical and diversity issues
  • Current technology and environmental issues
  • Leading change in an organization
  • Current management trends


$45,600 for all course tuition

Tuition varies for other courses. See Tuition & Fees for details.


This program is offered at the following locations: San Francisco .


Admission is limited to individuals with practical experience from a variety of industries. Applicants are encouraged to submit all application materials simultaneously to ensure an admissions decision can be made before the start of the cohort.

To be considered for the program, students must complete and submit the following, in addition to the admission materials for all degree programs:
  • A written statement of purpose which explains the applicant’s interests in how the professional MBA program will benefit his/her career
  • A writing sample
  • A detailed resume showing at least five years of full-time work experience with three years at the managerial or professional level, and a letter of recommendation from an officer of the applicant’s employing organization.

Candidates will be contacted by the program director to schedule the interview upon receipt of all applications documents.

Math Proficiency Requirement

Students must demonstrate acceptable proficiency in algebra. A proficiency exam will be required to determine whether a student has the background to enter the program directly or to determine which noncredit math course or study guide must be completed prior to beginning the Professional MBA program.


Our PMBA degree is taught by faculty experts in a range of business subjects from finance to entrepreneurship. Please see the complete list by specialty.

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