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Effective 5/27/2015 Practical application of assessment, counseling, consultation and case management skills in an approved mental health setting. Students must conduct a minimum of 350 hours of face-to-face counseling with individuals (adults, children, adolescents), couples, families or groups; includes up to 75 hours in performing client-centered advocacy. Supervision must be provided by an on-site practicum supervisor in accordance with Board of Behavioral Science regulations. Additionally, students will attend a practicum seminar that will provide group consultation utilizing written case studies and oral case presentations. Additional topics of human diversity and legal/ethical concerns will be highlighted throughout the course. Students are required to meet with clients and their families in volunteer and in-class settings.

Prerequisite: Psych 320 and PSYCH 326 Co-requisites: PSYCH 321, PSYCH 323, PSYCH 324, PSYCH 325, and PSYCH 339. Consent of the department chair is required., Units: 1 - 9 , Offered: Fall 2017 , Summer 2017 , Spring 2017