Master of Science in Finance

A specialized, technical program providing in-depth exposure to the principles and practices of corporate finance and investment management.

ProGRAM Highlights

The Master of Science degree in finance is a specialized, technical program that provides in-depth exposure to the principles and practices of corporate finance and investment management. It is a primary objective of this program to ensure that, by the time you graduate, you will have acquired the specialized skills and knowledge that you will need to add immediate value to your organization in your role as financial manager or investment adviser.

It is possible to complete the requirements for the MS degrees in finance without ever setting foot in class (although you can also mix and match online and in-class courses in combinations that are most convenient for you). Online courses present the same material, taught by the same professors, that you would experience in the classroom but with the added convenience of being able to ask questions, make comments, and confer with your classmates 24-hours a day, from your home or office.

This degree is intended for students who have made a professional commitment to this key business discipline and who are interested in equipping themselves with the most comprehensive array of analytical tools and techniques. The MS finance does not attempt to provide the broad overview of business that is typical of an MBA; instead, it focuses with great intensity on the specific areas of compelling interest to financial managers, security analysts, corporate bankers and portfolio managers.

The 15-unit core of the MS finance degree emphasizes five critical areas, fields of knowledge which are required of all financial professionals. Three courses in corporate finance, investments and capital markets represent the conceptual foundations of the discipline, the "three legs of the stool." Two courses in financial analysis and financial modeling build on and strengthen your background in accounting and computer applications, equipping you with the tools you'll need to pursue the more advanced and specialized studies in your concentration.

You may select a concentration in corporate finance or in investment management, or you may decide instead to choose the general concentration in order to maximize the flexibility of your program. All concentrations are 18 units.


The MS Finance program is structured to provide graduates with knowledge and skills to:
  • Explain the role markets and institutions play in security valuation
  • Identify, evaluate, and explain the financial decisions of corporations
  • Engage in research and evaluate if investment and financial policies maximize firm value
  • Evaluate risk and devise risk management strategies
  • Understand the trade-off between risk and return
  • Model financial problems to facilitate decisions making
  • Become proficient at analyzing financial statements
  • Apply appropriate principles of valuation to major financial assets and securities


Ageno School of Business Courses: $2,610 per 3-unit course

Tuition varies for other courses. See Tuition & Fees for details.


This program is offered at the following locations: San Francisco , Online .

Student Success rates

Fall 2007 Masters of Finance starters success over a 5 year period:
Graduation rate after 3 years
Graduation rate after 5 years
Continuing after 5 years
Stopped taking classes
70% 77% 3% 20%


The MS finance requires completion of 12 units in the foundation program and 33 units of advanced program coursework, with a cumulative grade point average of 3.00 or better in courses taken at Golden Gate University. Courses carry three semester units of credit unless otherwise noted. Individual foundation program courses may be waived if the student has previously completed comparable courses at a regionally accredited college or university. Students may be admitted to advanced program courses before completion of the entire foundation program, but must complete the foundation program by the time that 12 units have been earned in the advanced program.

Computer Proficiency

Applicants are expected to demonstrate a working familiarity and skill with computers and software applications appropriate for graduate studies. This includes knowledge of word processing, spreadsheet analysis, visual presentation software and network access capabilities. Faculty may require additional preparation for those students who have not achieved the needed proficiency.

Math Proficiency Requirement

Students admitted to this program are expected to possess a level of mathematical skill at least equivalent to:

College Algebra
MATH 200
Mathematics for Management


The general concentration permits students to choose from among the full array of finance and economics course offerings. Students whose career objectives inspire them to a broad sampling of the various specializations of the field, as well as those who are not yet ready to declare a specific career focus, will find the flexibility of this concentration attractive.

Take any six courses of 300- or 400-level FI-ECON prefix courses.

Corporate Finance Concentration — 18 units

A focused degree concentration designed to prepare finance students for a career in corporate finance.

In the 12-units of required courses for the corporate finance concentration, you develop the skills essential for careers in financial management, from financial analyst to CFO. These courses examine the tools and techniques of managing short-term assets and liabilities, fixed assets and capital investments, and long-term financing. In addition, courses in international finance and in financial strategy provide a high-level management perspective on the relationship between financial decisions, both domestic and global, and value creation.

Required Courses — 12 units

FI 312
Capital Budgeting and Long-Term Financing
FI 314
Working Capital Management
FI 320
Financial Strategy
FI 343
International Corporate Finance

Electives — 6 units

Take two courses (6 units) of 300- or 400-level FI/ECON prefix courses.

Recommended elective courses:
ECON 340
International Trade and Finance
FI 308
Management Control Systems
FI 317
Mergers and Acquisitions
FI 318
Venture Capital
FI 346
Derivative Markets
FI 360
Behavioral Finance
FI 382
Management of Banks and Financial Holding Companies
FI 428
Business Valuation

Investment Management Concentration — 18 units

A focused degree concentration designed to train graduate finance students for a career in investment management.

The nine units of required coursework for the investment management concentration are appropriate for students who are planning careers as security analysts, portfolio managers and investment advisors. Building on the principles acquired in the core investments course, work in portfolio management and derivatives exposes them to the most advanced technologies of the field. Students can also choose between technical market analysis and fundamental analysis as you begin to refine your approach to security valuation.

Required Courses — 9 units

FI 346
Derivative Markets
FI 350
Portfolio Management
One of the following:
FI 344
Fundamental Analysis of Securities
FI 352
Technical Analysis of Securities

Electives — 9 units

Take three courses (9 units) of 300- or 400-level FI/ECON prefix courses.

Recommended elective courses:
ECON 340
International Trade and Finance
FI 344
Fundamental Analysis of Securities
FI 347
Financial Engineering and Risk Management
FI 352
Technical Analysis of Securities
FI 354
Wyckoff Method I
FI 355
Wyckoff Method II
FI 358
Technical Market Analysis Strategies
FI 360
Behavioral Finance
FI 463
Real Estate Finance and Investment


Golden Gate University's instructors are what sets us apart from similar institutions. Most of our faculty are professionals working in their fields of expertise. They bring their firsthand experiences and knowledge to the classroom, incorporating cutting-edge practices from the business and legal communities.


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