Master of Science in Human Resource Management

A versatile graduate degree program designed to prepare students for a career in HR management.

ProGRAM Highlights

The Master of Science in Human Resource Management degree program is one of 42 Human Resource Management programs worldwide recognized as being fully aligned with the curriculum guidebook of the Society for Human Resource Management® (SHRM®). Our students learn how to consider the perspectives of both employees and employers, the causes and effects of ineffectively managing people, the importance of employee capabilities, and methodologies for change management. They look at trends that managers and employees are likely to face in the future, and how to monitor legal requirements in dealing with employees.

Our students gain skills that benefit them on the job, and in life. By studying Human Resource Management, students are able to apply concepts and principles to on the job situations. Our students learn this skill in the best possible way: with a combination of course work led by professionals in the field and interactions with peers who bring real-world experience through high level discussions and case studies.

Though not a requirement, some students in the program choose to elect an internship in Human Resources as an elective which allows them to gain meaningful "hands on" experience. In some cases these internship opportunities parlay into a job offer upon completion of the degree.


Graduates of the Master of Science in Human Resource Management will be able to:
  • Form strategic partnerships with organizational business units.
  • Provide expert advice in core areas of Human Resource Management.
  • Develop, implement, monitor, and effectively assess core HR policies, procedures, and processes.
  • Apply and adhere to statutory and legal requirements when administering HR policies and procedures.
  • Become "change agents" and lead change within organizations.
  • Input and retrieve demographic data using state-of-the-art Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS).
  • Manage cross-functional activities (i.e. globalization, cultural, ethnic, teams, etc.)


Ageno School of Business Courses: $2,610 per 3-unit course

Tuition varies for other courses. See Tuition & Fees for details.


This program is offered at the following locations: San Francisco , Online , Silicon Valley .

Student Success rates

Fall 2007 Master of Science in Human Resource Management starters success over a 5 year period:
Graduation rate after 3 years
Graduation rate after 5 years
Continuing after 5 years
Stopped taking classes
83% 86% 0% 14%


The master of science degree in human resource management requires completion of 33 units in the graduate program. Each course listed carries three semester units of credit. The foundation program course may be waived if the student has previously completed comparable courses at a regionally accredited college or university. Students may be admitted to advanced program courses before completion of the foundation program course, but must complete the course by the time that 12 units have been earned in the advanced program.


Golden Gate University's instructors are what sets us apart from similar institutions. Most of our faculty are professionals working in their fields of expertise. They bring their firsthand experiences and knowledge to the classroom, incorporating cutting-edge practices from the business and legal communities.

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