Programs: Information Technology Management

The melding of business functions and IT tools puts a premium on professionals who have practical skills in both areas.

Graduate Certificate in Information Technology Management

A flexible graduate certificate program designed to instruct IT professionals and students in emerging technology developments.

Master of Business Administration


A technical graduate concentration designed to prepare MBA students for work in the IT field.

Master of Science in Information Technology Management

A comprehensive graduate degree program designed to train business students for a career as a CIO, CTO, or IT manager.

Bachelor of Arts in Management


A comprehensive undergraduate degree designed to prepare undergraduates for success at the master's level as well as in business.

Bachelor of Science in Business


With an emphasis in the quantitative skills needed in the business environment, the bachelor of science in business provides a solid foundation in the disciplines of accounting, finance, operations, management, and business analysis.

Undergraduate Certificate in Information Technology

A condensed certificate program designed to train undergraduate students for an MS in Information Technology Management or work in IT.