Master of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications

A graduate program designed to prepare students for versatile careers in marketing communications, providing in-depth exposure to a variety of communications media.

ProGRAM Highlights

Leading organizations today are creating and managing their marketing communications in an integrated fashion, with coordination in terms of messages, positioning, and timing, all developed in support of overall organizational objectives. There is strong growth among agencies that deliver integrated solutions and among their client firms using those approaches. Our program will help the student prepare for a key role in such organizations.

A strong emphasis is placed on practical content in our courses. We make extensive use of real-world cases and utilize class discussion. Classes are highly participative and will help students develop their skills for working in a team-based, problem solving setting. Because classes are small, students get to know their classmates well, which enhances students' networks of colleagues. The team-based cooperative learning is emphasized equally in online courses as it is in on-campus classes.  The public relations concentration can be completed only in person, in San Francisco.  The general concentration can be completed in person and online.


Upon completion of the Master of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications (general concentration), students will be able to:
  • Obtain and apply insights into consumer behavior
  • Develop a professional quality integrated marketing communications plan
  • Write a comprehensive public relations plan
  • Create a direct marketing plan using traditional and new direct marketing techniques
  • Compile cost-effective marketing communications budgets
  • Work effectively in teams

And be knowledgeable about:
  • Marketing communications strategy and its implementation
  • Identifying specific target markets for marketing communications
  • Creating meaningful and credible messages for selected targets
  • Effective use of sales promotions and sponsorships
  • The role of personal selling and sales management
  • Identifying and selecting cost-effective media and methods to reach selected targets including advertising, public relations, direct marketing, sales promotion, event marketing, cause sponsorship, personal selling, and new media


Ageno School of Business Courses: $2,610 per 3-unit course

Tuition varies for other courses. See Tuition & Fees for details.


This program is offered at the following locations: San Francisco , Online .

Student Success rates

Fall 2007 Master of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications starters success over a 5 year period:
Graduation rate after 3 years
Graduation rate after 5 years
Continuing after 5 years
Stopped taking classes
59% 59% 0% 41%


The Master of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications program requires completion of 45 semester units in the foundation and advanced programs. Nine of those units are in the foundation program and can be satisfied at Golden Gate University, or through transfer credit from undergraduate or graduate courses completed at other accredited institutions. Students may be admitted to advanced program courses before completion of the entire foundation program, but must complete the foundation program by the time that 12 units have been earned in the advanced program. With the approval of the program director, students with sufficient backgrounds in the subjects covered by required courses may substitute other courses.

Graduate Writing Proficiency Requirement

Students admitted to the master of science in integrated marketing communications degree program must meet the graduate writing proficiency requirement within the first nine units of the program by successfully passing the Graduate Writing Proficiency Exam or by completing ENGL 201, Graduate Writing, with a grade of B or better.

Math Proficiency Requirement

Students admitted to this program are expected to possess a level of mathematical skill at least equivalent to:

Intermediate Algebra

General Integrated Marketing Communications Concentration -- 15 units

A graduate degree concentration designed to give marketing students a wide exposure to the business of communication in marketing.

The field of integrated marketing communications is based largely on people-based marketing skills, including public relations. Our concentration teaches students the skills they need to pursue careers as account reps in Marketing/PR agencies; program/project managers in MarCom department; a publicist; a spokesperson; a social media strategist.

Required Courses — 15 units

MKT 307
Sales Promotion and Sponsorships
MKT 321
Direct and Database Marketing
MKT 332
Sales Management
Plus any two 300-level courses with MKT or PR prefix.

Public Relations Concentration -- 15 units

A dynamic graduate degree concentration designed to prime Marketing students for a career in public relations.

The public relations field is grounded in the ability to produce attention-grabbing collateral, according to a client's specifications, in a speedy manner. Our public relations concentration teaches students the skills they need to either produce or oversee the production of PR materials that are as impressive to businesses as they are to consumers. The concentration equips students with tools in a variety of marketing and PR strategies to plan, design, and execute their ideas for business success.

Required Courses — 15 units

PR 330A
Writing for Public Relations and Marketing Communications
PR 332
Media Relations and the Professional Spokesperson
PR 334
Managing Public Issues Consumer Affairs and Government Relations
Plus any two 300-level courses with MKT or PR prefix.


Golden Gate University's instructors are what sets us apart from similar institutions. Most of our faculty are professionals working in their fields of expertise. They bring their firsthand experiences and knowledge to the classroom, incorporating cutting-edge practices from the business and legal communities.

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