PROGRAMS: Operations and Supply Chain Management

GGU offers operations and supply chain management concentrations and certificates for professionals who want to work in industries like high-tech manufacturing, engineering and construction, biotech and consumer retail.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Global Supply Chain Management Concentration

A comprehensive graduate degree program covering the intricacies of product and process design, choosing appropriate technology, adopting efficient work methods, planning (including location and facilities layout), streamlining the flow of people and materials, and continuously improving the quality of the final product. Knowledge critical to success in creating internal and external customer value for your organization.

Bachelor of Science in Business (BSB)

Operations and Supply Chain Management Concentration

With an emphasis in the quantitative skills needed in the business environment, the bachelor of science in business provides a solid foundation in the disciplines of accounting, finance, operations, management, and business analysis.

Graduate Certificate in Global Supply Chain Management

A diverse program designed to train business students in the internal workings of companies so they may become successful in the multi-disciplinary operations field.

Undergraduate Certificate in Operations and Supply Chain Management

A condensed certificate program designed to prepare undergraduate business students for a career in operations.