Preparation in Language & University Studies: FAQs



How can I apply to PLUS?

Applying to a degree or certificate program at Golden Gate University allows applicants to be considered for admission with a lowered English-language proficiency score. There is no separate application for PLUS, because PLUS does not enroll non-GGU students.

Are PLUS participants admitted to Golden Gate University?

Yes. Graduate and undergraduate PLUS students are provisionally admitted to GGU, and receive entry documents from the GGU Admissions Office to support visa applications, if overseas. Because all PLUS students are admitted to GGU, all GGU services -- computer labs, libraries, career and internship services, admissions and advising services, health insurance, academic advising -- are part of their support system as soon as they enroll.

Do PLUS participants have to take the TOEFL again?

No. At the end of the term, PLUS participants who successfully complete all course requirements will have satisfied the English language proficiency requirement. However, students who wish to gain unrestricted admission without enrolling in PLUS can also satisfy GGU's English language proficiency requirement in a number of other ways. More information.

What does it mean to successfully complete the PLUS program?

Successful completion of a term in PLUS leads to the fulfillment of the English language proficiency admission requirement. For you to succeed in PLUS, you must achieve or exceed an overall 3.0 GPA for your PLUS course work. If you do not achieve a 3.0 GPA in your PLUS classes, you will be required either to take the PLUS Directed Study.

What is a PLUS Directed Study?

A PLUS Directed Study is an individual or small-group three-unit class in which a student receives intensive academic and language support from a PLUS instructor. Directed Studies are customized to offer students specific skill building needed in their degree programs. Non-PLUS students can enroll in Directed Studies if they wish to have this kind of support.

How long is the PLUS program?

PLUS students can begin their studies in the fall, spring or summer trimesters (16-week terms) and stay in the full-time program only one term.

Can I take advantage of early registration and pre-orientation?

During your PLUS term, you will be registered by a PLUS advisor and must attend the regularly-scheduled orientation offered in the week before the term begins.

Do PLUS students have on-campus jobs?

Although PLUS participants are eligible to work on campus, students are encouraged to plan their first term without additional income in order to focus on their studies.

Can PLUS participants apply to a GGU location other than San Francisco?

Yes. However, since the PLUS program is only offered in San Francisco, PLUS participants must enroll full time at the SF campus for their first term at GGU. After successfully completing PLUS, students may enroll at another GGU site.

Where do students live?

Various housing options are available including temporary housing at a nearby residence hotel, renting an apartment or room near GGU, or staying with a host family. The Bay Area's extensive public transportation network also allows for living outside of the immediate area. Most students find it economical to share housing with other students. PLUS classes meet Monday through Thursday for four hours per day, so PLUS recommends living close to the university. More details about housing are included in the orientation packets sent by the Office of Admissions and Student Affairs.