Faculty: Judi Cohen

Judith Cohen


Adjunct Professor

San Francisco
faculty bio

Professor Judi Cohen practiced law for over twenty-five years, and taught law for over a decade, before founding Warrior One LLC, a company that offers Essential Mindfulness for Lawyers (EML) through trainings and coaching. EML is a program that enables lawyers to cultivate greater focus and inspiration, reduce stress, and employ discernment and thoughtfulness even under significant pressure. Since 1985 Professor Cohen has worked with hundreds of lawyers and law students as an attorney, law professor, trainer and coach.

At Golden Gate, Professor Cohen teaches Essential Mindfulness for Lawyers to enable students to learn how the (legal) mind works; cultivate mindfulness practices to support fundamental legal skills including the abilities to focus without distraction, empathize, facilitate respectful communication, deal wisely with conflict, and engage in honest self-examination; and hone tools for practicing law in alignment with their core values. Professor Cohen also offers these concepts to students, faculty and staff in the Mindful Lawyering Group, which meets weekly during the school year, and in Mindfulness for the Bar, a post-graduate offering for GGU Law graduates who are studying for the Bar. From 2000 through 2010,Professor Cohen taught academic classes at the University of San Francisco School of Law, where she also co-created and taught Contemplative Lawyering, the predecessor to EML.


Professor Cohen is a Certified Professional Coactive Coach trained by The Coaches Training Institute in San Rafael, California. She obtained her JD from Emory University in 1984 and her BS in Communication Studies from Northwestern University in 1981. She has been practicing mindfulness meditation for over twenty years as a student of senior Vipassana teacher James Baraz and, for approximately ten years, as a student of Zoketsu Norman Fischer. She has also studied with many other teachers including Angeles Arrien, Phillip Moffitt, Judith Lasater, Mark Coleman, Joanna Macy, Roshi Joan Halifax, and others. She is also a member of the Bay Area Working Group for Lawyers, an offshoot of the Center for Contemplative Mind in Society