Student Life: Clubs and Government

Student clubs and government allow on-campus students to connect and interact with each other outside of the classroom.


Academic Clubs

Student Government Association (SGA) represents the various interest groups of GGU. These students are elected and are official representatives of students in The Ageno School of Business, Undergraduate Programs, Braden School of Taxation, and the School of Accounting. SGA is a student-oriented organization linking students and the school administration, integrating the GGU student body, and representing students' viewpoints and interests in all situations.


Information on existing clubs can be found by contacting Student Affairs at 415-442-7288 or

Student Clubs are a vital part of the GGU Community experience that supports the school's mission to prepare individuals to lead and serve embracing ethics and diversity. Clubs sponsor a variety of events such as conferences, workshops, and speakers that provide distinct opportunities for learning, networking, and socializing outside the classroom.

  • Accounting Club
  • Advertising Club
  • DBA Student Association
  • GGUAMA (Marketing Club)
  • Indian SA
  • International Student Association
  • J-Crew (Japanese Student Club)
  • Persian Professionals Club (PPC)
  • Student for Sustainability
  • Taiwanese Student Association
  • Veterans Club
  • WITS



Interested in starting student club or organization of your own? Here's how:
  • Establish at least ten student members
  • Elect the officials of the club as a President, VP of Administration, VP of Finance and VP of Public Relations (Depending on the club's activities, you may have two officials instead of four)
  • Decide on the club's mission
  • Submit the list of your officials to the Student Government VP of Campus Activities to and to the Assistant Director of the Office of Student Life, Sandra Jimenez at with phone numbers and e-mail addresses, mission statement and the list of events you plan to do
  • Prepare a budget proposal at the beginning of the each trimester and submit it to the Student Government office