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Faculty: Nate Hinerman

faculty bio
Nate Hinerman, PhD
Visiting Associate Professor

Director of Associates Programs

San Francisco
  • 415-422-2314


Logic, Semiotics, and Critical Thinking/Theory

Business and Medical Ethics

Human Suffering


  • Graduate Theological Union at Berkeley, CA
    Ph.D., Philosophy of Religion

  • Jesuit School of Theology, Berkeley, CA
    Master of Arts, Philosophy

  • University of San Francisco
    MA, Counseling Psychology

  • University of California, Berkeley
    Master of Science Diploma, Computer Information Systems

  • Asbury College, Lexington, KY
    Bachelor of Arts, Triple Major: Philosophy, English Literature, and Spanish, July 1994


Nate Hinerman, PhD, also teaches at the University of San Francisco in the Nursing school, and SF State in the Gerontology program. Dr. Hinerman is also a psychotherapist specializing in helping his clients cope with loss. Aside from working on a paper exploring the logic of C.S. Peirce and its relevancy for critical thinking, his research is rather inter-disciplinary, and often intermingles philosophical and psychological approaches to enduring topics such as human suffering. His most recent books include, "On Suffering: An Inter-disciplinary Dialogue on Narrative and the Meaning of Suffering," (Oxford: Inter-Disciplinary Press, 2012), “New Perspectives on the End of Life: Essays on Care and the Intimacy of Dying” (2013), and "The Presence of the Dead in Our Lives," (New York: Rodopi, 2012). The international conference he organizes annually on Dying and Death, the largest of its kind, is in its 10th year. The international conference on Suffering he organizes is its fourth year. Dr. Hinerman also serves as Chair of the San Francisco Bay Area End of Life Coalition ( Nate received the annual Distinguished Teaching Award from the University of San Francisco in 2010.


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