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Undergraduate at GGU: Student Success

GGU's program for undergraduate students is like no other. Whether it's the support you'll receive during the enrollment process, the guidence and coaching from our professional adivsors while a student, or the outstanding faculty in the classroom, the GGU Undergraduate Programs experience will help you reach your academic, personal and professional goals.We've developed programs with a central goal in mind -- our students' academic success.

Commitment to Success

The national call for assessment and accountability in higher education has not gone unheard at Golden Gate University. student's academic, professional, and personal goals are the foundation for every decision that is made in Undergraduate Programs and is done with thoughtful research and assessment. Whether it is a change in the academic curriculum or additional support services, the student's successful attainment of a bachelor's degree is our first priority. One way to measure the success of an academic program is to understand the retention and graduation rates of it's students. GGU is committed to provide transparent access to student success data and welcomes you to dig a bit deeper as you are making the decision to enroll.

Undergraduate Programs Student Success Data -- Retention and Graduate Rates

Profile of Golden Gate University Undergraduate Students

Through the use of survey instruments and demographic information about the students enrolled in Undergraduate Programs, a student body profile indicates that our student's average age is 34 years old, is ethnically diverse, works more than 30 hours per week, and has responsibilities caring for dependants.

Coming Soon -- Information about the Undergraduate Student Profile.

Measures of Student Success & Learning Outcomes Assessment

The Undergraduate Programs faculty and staff use a number of tools to support student success and to measure student learning outcomes of all of our programs.

Coming Soon -- Results on the Student Satisfaction Survey and information about Student Learning Outcomes Assessment.

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Your input and insight is always welcome. If you have an interest in our efforts to ensure student success and would like to learn more, please contact Dean Cherron Hoppes.