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536 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94105-2703

Phone: 415-442-7277 or 888-826-6572
Fax: 415-281-3969


Before the 15th day of the term:

Textbooks can be returned to the bookstore for a full refund. All textbooks must be returned in their original condition. If the item is sold as a package it must be in its original wrap.

Between the 15th and 45th day of the term:

Unused textbooks can be returned within 2 days from the date of purchase. Returns must be accompanied with the original receipt and refunded in the same form as purchased.

After the 45th day of the term:

Full refunds are not allowed. However, some books may be eligible for buyback. See below for details.

Merchandise other than books:

Custom course materials, study guides and reference books, and other such merchandise is not returnable. All other merchandise must be returned within 15 days from the date of purchase. Please check with the bookstore manager if you have questions or a special request.


GGU students can sell used textbooks back to the bookstore. There are several factors that determine whether the book can be bought back and how much the bookstore will pay, including:


Any book being sold back must be in good shape, with binding, covers and every page intact. Excessive highlighting, underlining or other markings may decrease a book's buyback value.

Course Materials Orders:

If an instructor has requested the textbook for next term, then the value increases. Books falling into this category may be worth anywhere from 30 to 70 percent, or more, of the original purchase price. Generally speaking, textbooks will be purchased until we reach our shelf stock limit.

Overstocks & Current Editions Not Being Used on Campus:

If we have reached our limit on a particular title for next term, or if the book has not been requested for next term and is a current edition, we may still purchase it. The amount the bookstore will pay is based on various criteria including the national demand and the needs of other bookstores.