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Why GGU: International

Golden Gate University is dedicated to helping our international students from start to finish -- from application to graduation. About 10% of those enrolled at GGU are international students, hailing from approximately 80 countries.


San Francisco is a special kind of city that combines the best of its small size, world-class business community and destination features, making it a perfect place to get your degree.

The City has diverse neighborhoods, any kind of food you can imagine, wonderful site-seeing, plenty of night life, fantastic public transportation and a business community that is recognized world wide.

Golden Gate University is located at the City's heart, providing you with a practically-based education taught by experienced professionals, many of whom still work in their field, just steps from the financial district -- surrounding you in opportunity.


At Golden Gate University (GGU), international students include all students in F or J immigration status.

The International Admissions and Advising (IAA) team provides:
  • Academic Advising
  • Immigration Advice
  • Visa Paperwork Assistance
  • International Student Forms
  • Integration into the Community


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The PLUS Program

The Preparation in Language and University Studies (PLUS) Program is a full-time academic-preparation program combining language instruction and educational support with enrollment in university graduate course work leading to a degree or certificate. PLUS allows students to improve English proficiency while emphasizing subject-specific language learning and classroom skills to keep students on track toward earning a degree.

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Ways International Students Can Become Involved

Student Newsletter
  • Contribute information about classes, the administration, teachers, fellow students and alumni, as well as a variety of other topics.
Student Government
  • Get involved in the policies, goals and objectives that affect the student body by promoting student development and properly allocating student funds.
Student Organizations
  • Network, learn team-building and leadership skills, and participate in social events through a variety of academic, cultural and athletic clubs offered at Golden Gate University.