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The Real Reason So Many of Us Crave the Apple Watch

Professor Emerita Kit Yarrow explains the psychology behind consumers' obsession with Apple's newest technological innovation, the Apple Watch.

Adjunct Prof. Longfelder on Gender Discrimination

Adjunct Professor Michal Longfelder weighs in on Pao v. Kleiner Perkins, a gender discrimination suit that recently concluded and is awaiting a verdict. Ellen Pao was hired at Kleiner Perksins, a venture capital firm well-known in Silicon Valley, as a junior partner venture capitalist and Chief of Staff for the John Doerr, the company's head investor. John Doerr was widely seen as a mentor to Ellen Pao. However, during Pao's time at Kleiner Perkins, she alleges she was discriminated against due to her gender, which ultimately resulted in her termination. The CBS interview, which includes Adjunct Professor Michal Longfelder is available by clicking on the link in the title above.

Empathy in Understanding Combat Veterans

Dean Rachel Van Cleave writes a letter to the editor about the use of empathy in understanding combat veterans, and she explains the efficacy of the Veterans Legal Advocacy Center (VLAC) at GGU Law.

'Whatever, Janet' Indeed -- Fed's Yellen Outfoxes the Bond Bullies, Finesses Rate Policy, Buoys Investors

Dean Emeritus Terry Connelly speaks to The Hufffington Post about the current fluctuation of the GDP and the resulting investor behavior.

It's Not a Junk Drawer. It's an Archive of an Interesting Life

Kit Yarrow, Professor Emerita, spoke with NPR's Linton Weeks to discuss what your junk drawer says about you.

The Fate of Uber & Lyft: A Legal Question

Dean Rachel Van Cleave discusses recent Lyft & Uber cases, which center on determining whether the drivers are employees or independent contractors. This story caught national headlines when federal judges, in two separate cases, denied motions for summary judgment by the defendants in each case. Dean Van Cleave explains that the legal test for determining whether one is an employee or an independent contract, set last year in Alexander v. FedEx, is quite fact-driven, which makes it hard for a judge to rule in favor of a motion for summary judgment in many cases. -- Click the link above to watch the news report.

GGU Alumnus Wins 2015 SPUR Good Government Award

GGU alumnus and Port of San Francisco Deputy Director Peter Dailey has received SPUR's 2015 Public Managerial Excellence Award for his leadership in managing the design, financing and project implementation of the recently opened James R. Herman Cruise Terminal at Pier 27.

Taxpayers Say They Plan to Spend Refunds Responsibly

Professor Emerita and consumer psychologist Kit Yarrow reviews consumer behavior and research findings to conclude behavioral changes are unlikely.

First Impressions of the 2016 Field

Dean Emeritus and economic expert Terry Connelly shares his first impressions of prominent political figures via a blog post featured on the

A Sense of Purpose May Help Your Heart

Kit Yarrow, Professor Emerita, provides her expert opinion on the benefits of identifying your purpose and it's link to one's health.

Tips for Homeowners to Ease the Tax Bite

Mary Canning, Dean Emerita of the Accounting and Tax Schools, tells The Wall Street Journal how homeowners can use energy-efficient upgrades to reduce their tax burden.

The Rewards From Effective Reform Could Be Great

GGU Law adds its voice to the call for IP reform. Professor William Gallagher, and 50 other IP scholars from around the nation, recently sent Congress a letter requesting statutory IP reform, citing the tremendous increase in patent litigation at the hands of Patent Assertion Entities (AKA Patent Trolls). Countering the claims of lobbyists, they write that the "evidence indicates that the net effect of patent litigation is to raise the cost of innovation and inhibit technological progress, subverting the very purpose of the patent system."

This 'n' That on a Tuesday Morning

Kit Yarrow, Professor Emerita, analyzes techniques used when "upselling" items to current customers in the food industry.

How Restaurants Get You to Spend More Money

Kit Yarrow, Professor Emerita, speaks with the Daily Herald to analyze the psychological affect item placement has on the average consumer.

Blocking Minimum Wage Increase, Boehner Relies on Lies

Dean Emeritus Terry Connelly dissects House Speaker John Boehner's actions toward a possible minimum wage increase.

Financial Advice Is Good, but Emotional Well-Being Is Better

Rick Kahler shares with the emotional benefits of financial advising.

Equality Principles in Sub-Federal Immigration Laws

Professor Carrie Rosenbaum explores the effects of preemption of non-federal immigrant laws, like California's TRUST Act. Specifically, she contends that federal law does not preempt state TRUST Acts, which may lead non-federal organizations to regulate immigration law on their own accord. - Click the link above to read more, and to download Carrie Rosenbaum's full scholarly article published in the Chapman Law Review (2015)

Taxi Company Partners With Flywheel, Rebrand to a Bright Red Cars

Kit Yarrow, Professor Emeritus, provides her expert opinion on whether or not the Taxi Company should partner with Flywheel.

IOU 240 Euros, It's My Problem; IOU 240 Billion Euros, It's Your Problem!

Dean Emeritus Terry Connelly provides his expert advice on the buying and selling of stocks and bonds when considering international governments.

Best Online Bachelor's in Accounting: Students Before Profits Award 2014-2015

GGU's Bachelor of Science in Business with an Accounting Concentration makes the 2014-2015 list.

Maybe the Federal Reserve Has Been Right About the US Economy All Along

Dean Emeritus Terry Connelly reviews economic reports to make a conclusion about the Federal Reserve.

Governor Appoints Golden Gate University Professor to the California Board of Accountancy

Governor Appoints Golden Gate University Professor to the California Board of Accountancy

Dean Limelight: Rachel Van Cleave

"I've learned that we can't always have the answers, but with the right mindset and an excellent team, we can find some pretty good -- maybe even very good -- solutions," she said. That she has such a team in her faculty, staff and advisers, she said, enables her to see what are arguably troubled times for law schools including Golden Gate as a "transformative opportunity for legal education that can only benefit students." - Lawdragon Campus. Click the link above to read the full story.

Coalition Statement on EPA's Response to Address Aviation Lead Pollution

According to a press release issued by Friends of the Earth, Professor Deborah Behles, and an environmental protection cohort, filed a petition on behalf of the Friends of the Earth to address the level of lead in aviation fuel. Recently, "the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency issued a response to a petition filed by environmental groups urging the agency to address lead emissions from aviation gasoline ---- the largest source of airborne lead emissions in the country. Lead has been banned from paints and automobile gasoline, but the toxic chemical still remains in the gasoline used by small, propeller-driven airplanes and other general aviation aircraft. Children are particularly susceptible to the harmful effects of lead, and research shows that children who live near general aviation airports have elevated blood lead levels. The EPA had previously set a deadline of mid- to late 2015 to issue its official determination that lead emissions from aviation gasoline could endanger public health and welfare. But In today's response, the EPA pushed that schedule back by three years, with a final determination not coming until 2018 ---- fifteen years after Friends of the Earth first called on the EPA to address this issue and decades after EPA first recognized the potential impact of lead in aviation fuel." To read the full article, please click the link above.

Why Won't People Guard Their Wealth?

Rick Kahler speaks with Time to share his financial expertise on protecting your wealth. His methods of protection include utilizing LLCs, trusts, and other entities.

Professor Laura Cisneros Elected Chair of the AALS Constitutional Law Section

GGU Professor Laura Cisneros has been elected by the Association of American Law Schools to chair the section on Constitutional Law. Founded in 1900, AALS also serves as the learned society for the more than 9,000 law faculty at its 178 member schools, and provides them with extensive professional development opportunities, including the AALS Annual Meeting which draws thousands of professors, deans and administrators. ... Click the link above to read more.

Ex Parte Requirements at the California Public Utility Commission: A Comparative Analysis and Recommended Changes

Professor Deborah Behles recommends changes for the CA Public Utility Commission.

Candlestick Park Will Go Out With a Wrecking Ball, Not a Bang

Professor Helen Kang Champions Environmental Rights in San Francisco

Labor Decision in Security Guard Case May Set New Precedence

"Employees required to stay at a worksite while on call should be compensated for all their hours, including sleep time, the California Supreme Court has ruled in a case involving a company based in Gardena. The state's highest court said Thursday that security guards who were obligated to stay in trailers on worksites in case they were needed were entitled to be paid for their time, even if they spent it watching TV, scouring the Internet or dozing... The greater the control a private employer exerted on on-call workers, the more likely that employer would be obligated to pay for all employees' hours, according to The Times. Golden Gate University law professor Hina B. Shah, who sided with employees in the case, representing nonprofit groups as friends of the court, told the newspaper that the ruling was a "a tremendous victory for California workers." "This decision will ensure that absent an explicit exemption, on-call workers in any industry are entitled to payment for all of their time," said Shah, adding that the ruling would particularly affect domestic workers who live in homes while attending to children or the elderly. Hospital and government workers would not be affected, she said. Jim Newman, general counsel for CPS Security Solutions Inc., the defendant in the case, agreed the impact would be "huge."

CNBC, The Lame Duck Network: Shilling For Short Sellers and Hating Obama Are Not Enough Anymore

Dean Emeritus, Terry Connelly, offers commentary on the true bias of CNBC.

Being an Optimist May be Good for Your Heart

Kit Yarrow, Professor Emerita, discusses the link between psychology and health according to extensive research and industry analysis.

Puppy vs. Puppy: Tail of Super Bowl Ads

Professor Emerita Kit Yarrow discusses the most popular Super Bowl ads and what factors contribute to their success.

Suit Against State Bar of California Spurs Calls for New Lawyer Discipline Model

The internal warfare at the nation's largest state bar is reviving criticism that its disciplinary system is weak and lets bad attorneys off the hook. Some say the episode shows a broken, dysfunctional institution that needs restructuring to properly police its more than 249,000 members. "The state bar for the last generation has been a completely dysfunctional organization," said Peter Keane, a former state bar vice president who teaches at Golden Gate University School of Law in San Francisco. "It seems to survive somehow, but... it gets worse with each iteration." To practice law, attorneys must be members of the bar, a public corporation created by the state legislature. The bar collects yearly dues that largely fund its operations. In November, Dunn -- an ex-Democratic lawmaker from Orange County -- was removed from his $259,000 executive director's post after four years. Within days, celebrity attorney Mark Geragos filed a lawsuit for Dunn alleging "glaring injustices, unethical conduct and massive cover-up that has crippled the State Bar's ability to function."

Striking at What it Means to be French

On Jan. 7 two gunmen slaughtered 12 people in the center of Paris. The horror would have been the same had they gunned down people at a tourist site or a supermarket, but by attacking the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, they shattered the essence of French identity. Merely hours after the attack, a scroll through Facebook yielded a sea of "Je Suis Charlie" profiles and announcements of protest rallies organized all across France. Collective national grief overwhelmed social media: We were all Charlie, and we were all wounded at our very core. To understand the depth of that reaction, one has to understand what Charlie Hebdo symbolizes.

On-call Workers Entitled to Pay for All Hours Spent at Job, Court Rules

Employees who while on call are required to stay at a worksite should be compensated for all their hours, including sleep time, the California Supreme Court ruled unanimously Thursday. In a decision written by Justice Carol A. Corrigan, the state's highest court said security guards who were obligated to stay in trailers on worksites in case they were needed were entitled to be paid for their time, even if they spent it watching TV, scouring the Internet or dozing. Golden Gate University law professor Hina B. Shah, who sided with employees in the case, called the decision "a tremendous victory for California workers."

Has Technology Killed the Jewelry Industry?

The jewelry industry has experienced a steady decline in sales in recent years. Professor Emerita Kit Yarrow discusses the influence technology has on buying decisions via an article on Pacific Standard.

The Business School Dean's Quiz for 2015

Dean Emeritus, Terry Connelly, provides a 33 question quiz that is comprised of questions that won't be answered until the end of 2015. Compare your predictions on the popular news topics with the former Dean's.

Avoid These 5 Pitfalls That'll Undermine Your New Year's Resolutions

Professor Emerita, Kit Yarrow, provides insight on why you may not complete resolutions set at the beginning of the year.

Viewpoint: Time to Abolish the 'Inquisitorial' Grand Jury System

Incidents in Ferguson have exposed an antiquated part of our criminal justice system. Dean Rachel Van Cleave examines the history of the Grand Jury and argues they should be abolished. Click above to read more.

Last Minute Shopping Rush Underway In Bay Area

Dean Emeritus, Terry Connelly speaks on the economical factors influencing consumer spending during the holiday season. Declining gas prices, holiday sales, and payment plans are some factors utilized.

Can Community Pressure Reverse the Dangerous Secret Lennar-City Decision to Implode Candlestick Stadium?

Professor Helen Kang, alongside Joe Baskin and Raymond Tompkins, published an article regarding the possible demolition of Candlestick Park and the environmental health hazards that may follow such an event. "Although Lennar Urban is reported as saying that the decision about whether to implode the stadium will be made in the spring, in actuality the San Francisco Planning Department made that decision in September. That decision went unreported, and the residents of Bayview did not know about it." The article concludes powerfully by noting that, "Mementos of the old stadium should not lodge in young children's lungs." Click the link above to read more.

The Fright Before Christmas

Dean Emeritus, Terry Connelly, uses the poem, "Twas the Night Before Christmas" as inspiration for a financial themed poem used to depict the stock market, taxes, and financial planning.

Putting Money Lessons for Teens Under the Tree

Kit Yarrow, Professor Emerita, speaks with USA Today to discuss how gift exchanging can become an educational experience for parents and their status-conscious offspring.

The "One Percent" Lead Holiday Retail

Professor Emerita, Kit Yarrow, uses her psychological expertise to analyze holiday spending among the average consumer.

Christmas Card Tradition Fading

Kit Yarrow, Professor Emerita, speaks to the connection between technological advancements and the diminishing amount of holiday cards being mailed in 2014.

Life and Experience Make College More Meaningful

Dean Rachel Van Cleave writes a letter to the editor of the New York Times to explain the virtues of having older, non-traditional students and veterans in the classroom.

California Supreme Court to Review North Coast Railroad Environmental Lawsuit

Professor Helen Kang and the Environmental Law Justice Clinic will represent a California environmental group to argue before the CA Supreme Court that publicly owned railroads must comply with California's Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

A Financial Planner's Most Important Job Isn't What You Think It Is

Adjunct Professor, Rick Kahler, shares with one of the most common misconceptions of a financial planners job.

Golden Gate University Appoints Two New Deans

GGU names Fred Sroka as Dean of the Bruce F. Braden School of Taxation and the School of Accounting and Dr. Nate Hinerman as Dean of Undergraduate Programs.

How to Maximize Your Holiday Gift Giving by Shopping Smart

Professor Emerita, Kit Yarrow, utilizes principles from her most recent book release, "Decoding the New Consumer Mind" to shed light on ineffective shopping habits and how to spend money wisely this holiday season.

Healthy Gifts How to say " I care" not "you are fat"

Kit Yarrow, Professor Emerita, shares gift ideas for the health conscious to that include researched backed information to consider when gifting this year.

5 Reasons Why You Give Such Awful Presents

Professor Emerita, Kit Yarrow, uses research and her experience in psychology to advise shoppers on how to purchase gifts recipients will love.

When Moving On, First Protect Client's Interests

As lawyers change firms, they must be careful to protect their clients' interests, which can sometimes get lost in the shuffle. A few takeaways of this article are:1. There are limits on soliciting new clients2. Attorneys may not withdraw from employment until the member has taken reasonable steps to avoid reasonably foreseeable prejudice to the rights of the client3. Lawyers continue to owe past clients a fiduciary duty, including that of loyalty4. Attorneys and firms must notify clients if an attorney is leaving their case

Meet Sara Matlin, New Bolder Advocacy Counsel

GGU Alumna Sara Matlin is thrilled to join the Alliance for Justice's Bolder Advocacy Initiative in Oakland, CA as the Bilingual West Coast Counsel. In her new role at Bolder Advocacy, Sara empowers Spanish- and English-speaking nonprofit organizations to become more courageous leaders in policy change movements. Through training and coaching, Bolder Advocacy staff demystify and decode advocacy laws, so that community change organizations can be assertive in pursuing their social justice goals. Sara graduated with a JD from Golden Gate University School of Law in 2009 and a BA from Stanford University in 1996. She is the chair of the ACLU of Northern California - North Peninsula Chapter and a founder of the San Mateo County Coalition for Immigrant Rights. Sara began her career in policy change advocacy in 1988. She's excited to use her community organizing and training experience, along with her Spanish/English bilingualism, to broaden the advocacy work of social justice organizations in California and across the country.

Could the Oil Price Crash Kill Keystone XL?

Dean Emeritus Terry Connelly gives insight into the financial implications of the pipeline.

How to Beat Marketers' Jedi Mind Tricks

Kit Yarrow, professor emerita, speaks on how to avoid over-purchasing and buyer's remorse by following simple shopping tips.

Curbing the Urge to Splurge on Bargains

Kit Yarrow, professor emerita, speaks with Southern California Public Radio to explain why we buy and how to avoid spending too much on the wrong things during the holiday season.

Apps Stirring Holiday Bargain Insanity

Kit Yarrow, professor emerita, shares her insights discovered through research on the effect apps have on our holiday purchasing.

Stop Making These 5 Shopping Mistake And You Won't Overspend

Professor Emerita, Kit Yarrow, list 5 shopping mistakes bargain hunters make when trying to save during the holiday season.

Black Friday Brings Out Family Ties, Primal Side

Professor Emerita, Kit Yarrow, speaks on the success of Black Friday from a psychological standpoint.

Shhh... The American Economy Is on the Brink...of a Boom!

Terry Connelly, Dean Emeritus, sheds light on the good and the bad regarding the American economy focusing on Q4.

Food, Sex and Giving to Charity

Marketing Professor Michal Strahilevitz speaks on the link between donating and our own well-being.

Obama Didn't Open Floodgates to Migrants

Carrie Rosenbaum, professor of immigration law at GGU, discusses the limitations of Obama's executive order on immigration.

Elissa Buie on Financial Times Top 100 Women Financial Advisers List

Distinguished Adjunct Professor, Elissa Buie, has been named one of Financial Times' inaugural FT Top 100 Women Financial Advisers for 2014.

Obamacare Dominoes: If Federal Subsidies Fall at the Supreme Court, so Do the Individual and Employer Mandates--Game Over!

Dean Emeritus, Terry Connelly, speaks on the possibility of Federal insurance subsidies being eliminated and the effect that will have on Obamacare users.

Column: Understand the Mind of Your Buyer

Professor Emerita, Kit Yarrow, speaks on the significance of focusing on consumer viewpoints to effectively market products.

Rethinking Capitalism: The Commodification of Religious Expression

Laura Cisneros presents her paper at the Fifth Annual Constitutional Law Colloquium at Loyola University Chicago

Man Arrested on Federal Charges for Operating Silk Road Spin-Off Website

Professor Marc Greenberg is interviewed by Channel 7 News (KGO) about local and global police efforts to shut down hundreds of Darknet (See also: Deep Web) websites that traffic illegal drugs, arms, and services. Last year, another local Bay Area resident was arrested for running Silk Road, which primarily trafficked drugs and counterfeit documents.

Golden Gate University Wins San Francisco Trial Lawyers Mock Trial Competition

Golden Gate University School of Law (GGU Law)took first place in The San Francisco Trial Lawyers Association's (SFTLA) annual Mock Trial competition, earning the title, "Best of the Bay," for the third consecutive year and fourth first place win in five years. This year, GGU Law beat Santa Clara University, Stanford University and University of California, Hastings in the intense, day-long competition.

Homeowners: Fall Planning Brings Spring Tax Savings

Dean Emerita, Mary Canning, gives tips for getting the most from home deductions.

Fear-Mongers on TV Spook Equities: Just in Time to Buy Cheap Before Great Earnings!

Dean Emeritus, Terry Connelly, offers his expert opinion to advise those looking to make a profit in the current market.

Elissa Buie Appears on Washingtonian Magazine's List of Top Money Advisers for the Fifth Time

Elissa Buie, Distinguished Adjunct Professor, is acknowledged for her contributions to the financial industry.

Decline in Gas Prices Might Not Continue for California

Professor Emeritus, Kit Yarrow, speaks on the effect gas prices has on consumer spending habits.

GGU Law Hosts Second Annual Veterans Law Conference

John Keker and Will Gunn spoke at GGU Law's Second Annual Veterans Law Conference on issues affecting veterans' health, education and employment. The conference also featured a panel led by Colonel John Haramalis who moderated Doctor Robert Owen (UCSF), Keith Armstrong, Keith Boylan, and Mary Wright on major issues affecting our communities veterans

A Conversation With Bill Suter

The former Clerk for United States Supreme Court visits GGU Law.

Ask the Mompreneur: Boost Sales by Using the Psychology of Business

Professor Emeritus, Kit Yarrow, speaks on the link between psychology and business success.

How Much Should You REALLY Spend on an Engagement Ring?

Professor Emeritus, Kit Yarrow, joins the conversation regarding acceptable engagement ring purchasing practices.

Boost Sales by Using the Psychology of Business

Professor Emeritus, Kit Yarrow, shares her professional opinion on the link between psychology and business.

Yahoo Beats Earnings Expectations But Analysts Expectations Still High

Terry Connelly, Dean Emeritus, offers his expert opinion on the topic of Yahoo's recent financial performance.

Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbons Sell Because They're Meaningless

Professor Michal Strahilevitz offers her expert opinion on the meaning of the pink ribbon.

Viewpoint: Want to Learn to Think Like a Lawyer? It's 'Elementary'!

Dean Rachel Van Cleave writes an article in The Recorder about the essentials of mindfulness and other habits that are key to truly "thinking like a lawyer."

Will CNBC Market Negativity Again Bail Out Short Hedge Funds?

Terry Connelly calls CNBC on the carpet on their gloomy predictions.

A "Hung" Senate with No Majority on November 4? Could Senate Independents Take Charge, Break Gridlock?

Dean Emeritus, Terry Connelly, speaks on senators, their importance, and the consequences of a "hung senate"

7 Questions with Judi Cohen of Warrior One

he 7 Questions With… interview series will give you an inside glimpse into the lives of various individuals Judi Cohen involved in the legal profession, but in very different ways. Today we're exited to welcome Judi Cohen, who practiced and taught law for 25 years before founding Warrior One LLC, which offers Essential Mindfulness for Lawyers® trainings and mindfulness-based executive coaching.

Invest the Time to Find the Best Financial Advisor for You

Distinguished Adjunct Professor Dave Yeske provides the steps one should take when searching for their ideal financial planner.

California Consent Law Seen as Model by Berkeley Students

Law Dean, Rachel Van Cleave, discusses California's new consent law.

California enacts sex consent for campuses

Dean Rachel Van Cleave weighs in on California's new "Yes Means Yes" and its implications for university processes for sexual assault suspects.

California Will Now Protect Women From Horrific Form Of Prison Abuse

California adopted legislation late last week protecting prison inmates from forced sterilization following disturbing reports that female prisoners had been sterilized without their consent. The bill, signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown (D) on Thursday, makes it illegal to sterilize inmates for birth control purposes in state correctional facilities. The procedure continues to be allowed in life-threatening medical emergencies, or to treat a previously diagnosed condition.

Unanswered Questions for a Consequential Autumn

Terry Connelly adroitly argues an assortment of autumnal affairs.

The MBA Goes Online

Ageno School of Business Dean, Paul Fouts, emphasizes the importance the school places on teacher/student engagement during online course sessions.

Omni-channel is not Just a Buzzword

"When we see the world through the eyes of our consumers, we make better marketing decisions," says Kit Yarrow.

Starbucks Looks to Expand its Consumer Base with New Guinness-Flavored Latté

Kit Yarrow explains the marketing psychology behind Starbuck's new flavors.

Many Young People are not in a Position to Splurge

Kit Yarrow advises brands to woo younger consumers -- even if they don't yet have the means to buy those big-ticket items.

What's the Craziest Thing You've Ever Worn to Work?

Marcia Ruben discusses the changes in workplace attire over the years.

Larry Ellison Selects Top Two Brass to Fill CEO Role

In the midst of weak earnings, Dean Emeritus Terry Connelly ponders why Larry Ellison is giving up the reins.

Market Manipulators Are Back in Season for the Fed "Septaper" Sequel: "Septighten"

Terry Connelly gives an update on "quantitative easing."

Why Urban Outfitters Won't Stop Offending People

Kit Yarrow tells Time that the attention is worth the flak.

U.S. Military Accountability for Extraterritorial Environmental Impacts: An Examination of Okinawa, Environmental Justice and Judicial Militarism

Local resistance to the relocation of a U.S. military base to a Bay threatening an endangered sea mammal off the coast of the island of Okinawa raises important issues regarding the extraterritoriality of U.S. environmental laws, the role of the courts in reviewing military operations and ultimately environmental justice. These issues are being played out in an island community that for centuries has tried to survive by balancing great powers, China, Japan and the United States. Okinawans now find themselves a minority subject to discrimination in Japan and still suffering from the impacts of the legacy of U.S. occupation and continued use of U.S. bases on their culture, economy and environment. Federal courts continue inconsistently to sort out the extraterritoriality of U.S. laws, including environmental laws. Already one federal court has applied the National Historical Preservation Act to this controversy in Okinawa. Strong arguments remain that the National Environmental Policy Act and the Endangered Species Act should also apply to the U.S. military's actions in Okinawa. Although the modern U.S. Supreme Court has reversed earlier cases and given great deference to military operations, a form of judicial militarism, environmental justice demands and case laws allows these environmental laws to shape U.S. military conduct on Okinawa and protect its environment.

Perspectives: Domestic Workers Movement: "Transformational Social Change" One Worker at a Time

Rocío Alejandra Avila, a Senior Fellow at the Women's Employment Rights Clinic of Golden Gate University School of Law reflects on the power of transformative social change on the one year anniversary of the California Domestic Worker Bill of Rights.

Golden Gate Expands Veterans Services Inspired by Diplomat's Death

The killing of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens in 2012 ignited a political firestorm about how well the U.S. protects its personnel, from diplomats to soldiers, serving in dangerous environments abroad.At Golden Gate University's law school, it was the genesis of a different movement: supporting veterans who had already completed their military service. The effort begun by Dean Rachel Van Cleave led to the creation of the Veterans Legal Advocacy Center, which brings together a variety of programs to assist veterans pursuing careers in the law and now includes a clinic in which students help veterans obtain health benefits they're unable to get on their own.

Perspectives: Domestic Workers Movement: "Transformational Social Change" One Worker at a Time

Rocío Alejandra Avila, a Senior Fellow at the Women's Employment Rights Clinic of Golden Gate University School of Law Writes About Domestic Worker's Rights

Mobility Math: More Folks Renting = Fewer Mortgages = Lower Deficit and Lower Unemployment

Dean Emeritus Terry Connelly discusses how the mobility trend affects business.

Golden Gate Expands Veterans Services Inspired by Diplomat's Death

The killing of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens in 2012 ignited a political firestorm about how well the U.S. protects its personnel, from diplomats to soldiers, serving in dangerous environments abroad. At Golden Gate University's law school, it was the genesis of a different movement: supporting veterans who had already completed their military service. The effort begun by Dean Rachel Van Cleave led to the creation of the Veterans Legal Advocacy Center, which brings together a variety of programs to assist veterans pursuing careers in the law and now includes a clinic in which students help veterans obtain health benefits they're unable to get on their own.

1 in 4 Millennials Lacks Health Insurance

Kit Yarrow says that many young people lack the fear needed to pursue coverage.

Remembering Judy McKelvey, Law Dean Emerita

Judy McKelvey, beloved Dean Emerita and Professor at Golden Gate University School of Law, died on August 10, 2014. She is fondly remembered for her kindness and for championing the movement of women into legal practice in the 1970s.

How to Be Nosy About Your Financial Adviser's Finances

Rick Kahler gives advice on how to tactfully broach the subject.

Malls: Changing Times, Changing Tastes

Consumer attitudes have shifted around shopping, says Kit Yarrow.

Hobby Lobby and Social Justice: How the Supreme Court Opened the Door for Socially Conscious Investors

In Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, the Supreme Court upended the traditional foundations of corporate law. By allowing corporations to exercise legally recognized religious rights, the Court changed the very nature of a corporate entity. Moreover, the Court defied the conventional doctrine providing that the purpose of a corporation is to make profit for its shareholders. The case is being both praised and denounced by observers, but no one has yet fully analyzed how the Court's reasoning paved the way for social impact investors to use the corporate form as a vehicle to achieve their objectives.

Dating Goes to the Dogs: Sites Promote Bringing Pets on Dates

Michal Ann Strahilevitz notes the importance of a common interest when dating.

Small Business Owners Don't Save Enough for Retirement

Financial planning professor, David Yeske, discusses investment strategies for small business entrepreneurs.

The Next Big Battery Disruption Isn't Coming Next Year

Michal Strahilevitz says that when it comes to our gadgets, batteries are letting us down.

What Your Junk Drawer Reveals About You

Kit Yarrow discusses the psychology behind the junk drawer.

Ebola Is Not Spread By Air -- But Ebola Panic Is: Just Listen to Rush Limbaugh's Radio Program

Terry Connelly, Dean Emeritus, speaks on the Ebola epidemic, and how word of the disease is contributing to wide spread panic.

Portfolio Assessments Help Online Students Earn Credit

U.S. News features GGU Undergraduate Program's use of portfolio assessments to translate work experience into course credit.

United Airlines Forgets to Fill in Blanks on Generic Apology Note

Marketing Professor Michal Ann Strahilevitz recommends businesses change their customer service tactics in the age of easy information sharing.

A Gym for Dogs: The Latest Addition to the Canine Industrial Complex

Psychology Professor, Kit Yarrow, predicts a boon in dog fitness.

Broken News: Is the Crazy Weather Getting to Our Collective Sanity?

Terry Connelly, Dean Emeritus, speaks about questionable behavior from society and even political parties.

Selfies Are So Over, Welcome to the Era of the 'Usie'

Michal Ann Strahilevitz, Marketing Professor, talks about the social function of group selfies.

OKCupid Admits To Manipulating User Data, And It's Not Alone

Professor Kit Yarrow, Ph.D. speaks on consumer manipulation to increase purchases.

As You Age, You Need to Protect Your Money -- From Yourself

GGU Financial Planning Professor, Rick Kahler, explains why he couldn't help his client when she became delusional.

Bio-Rad Announces the Appointment of Joel McComb as a New Board Member [Global Data Point]

Alumnus Joel McComb, MBA, is acknowledged for past accomplishments and announced as the newest board member for Bio-Rad.

DC Circuit Decision Isn't Just About Obamacare Subsidies: It Also Kills the Employer Mandate

Dean Emeritus, Terry Connelly, questions the interpretation of the court on federal exchanges.

Yerdled Yet? New Shopper Tools Save Money and Planet

Kit Yarrow explains how certain values differ in young consumers, and how those differences influence the way they shop.

State Senator Leland Yee Hit with New Racketeering Charge

GGU Law Dean Emeritus, Peter Keane, discusses the legal tactics of the new charge against Yee.

Golden Gate University Launches Program for Aspiring Business Owners

This fall, Golden Gate University will launch its first Small Business Program designed to help its alumni become successful small business owners. The year-long pilot program is free, thanks to a $300,000 grant from Chevron.

The Hobby Lobby Ruling: Hobby Horse, One-Trick Pony Or Citizens United 2.0?

GGU Dean Emeritus, Terry Connelly, discusses the June 30, 2014 decision of the United States Supreme Court in Burwell vs. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc.

Bay Area Caregivers File Class-action Lawsuit Against Leading Nationwide Health Care Services Company

The Women's Employment Rights Clinic of the GGU School of Law are bringing a class-action lawsuit against a nationwide health care services company, alleging that personal caregivers need better working conditions, including breaks and at least minimum wage.

Caregivers File Suit against Kindred Healthcare and Affiliates for Wage and Hour Violations

The Legal Aid Society-Employment Law Center (LAS-ELC) and the Women's Employment Rights Clinic of Golden Gate University School of Law along with the law firm of Lewis, Feinberg, Lee, Renaker & Jackson, P.C., filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of in-home and facility caregivers in the California Superior Court, Alameda County against Kindred Healthcare, Inc. and affiliated companies Professional Healthcare at Home, LLC and NP Plus, LLC, alleging failure to pay minimum wage and overtime and various meal and rest period violations, among other claims.

DBA Student Michael J. Becker Receives Edward N. Mayer, Jr. Education Leadership Award

Michael J. Becker, GGU DBA student, has just been named the 2014 recipient of the Edward N. Mayer, Jr. Education Leadership Award for Marketing EDGE, the educational support arm of the Direct Marketing Association. He will be recognized on October 25th at an awards dinner held during the annual research summit associated with the annual meeting of the DMA. Previous winners are luminaries from the direct and interactive industry and academia, including John Deighton, Harvard professor and editor of the Journal of Consumer Research.

Shades of Enron: the Legal Ethics Implications of the General Motors Scandal

"Where were the Lawyers?" is becoming a predicable refrain in response to any wide-ranging corporate scandal. General Motors is battling a rising deluge of lawsuits, investigations, and government fines in the wake of its February 2014 recall of millions of cars for a safety defect. The defect, a faulty ignition switch, is allegedly responsible for 13 fatalities and hundreds of injuries. The sorrow of the tragic loss of life in this case is now joined by growing public anger about a cover-up at the company to avoid liability for the defect. GM's engineers and managers may have known of the problem as early as 2004, and OM's in-house lawyers apparently knew about the defect in 2013 or earlier. The facts are still developing in this story, and the release of an internal investigation report last week directed by Anton Valukas answered significant questions. The actions of OM's lawyers clearly raise significant legal ethics ramifications.

Coal Pollution and Climate Change

Professor Alan Ramo writes a letter to the editor about the environmental effects of coal pollution

Paging Dr. Derrida: A Deconstructionist Approach to Understanding the Affordable Care Act Litigation

Laura Cisneros discusses the defects of sovereignty federalism and cooperative federalism.

Divorces Can Mean Cake and Eating it, Too

With divorce parties on the rise, some bakeries are now making special cakes just for the occasion.

What Will be Summer 2014's Big Story? A Top 10 List of Candidates

Dean Emeritus Terry Connelly thinks the Economy will be this summer's main story. What stories do you think will be big?

Legal Response to Support Renewable Energy in China

Making the legal case for sustainability in China, Peter Oniemola sites a GGU Law Review paper.

What Law Schools and Lawyers Can Do For Veterans

Dean Rachel Van Cleave of Golden Gate University School of Law writes about what law schools and veterans can do to support veterans in their communities

Kit Yarrow Q & A: Decoding the Hidden Cues That Make You Buy

Kit Yarrow tells how our brains have changed, and how consumers can avoid the pitfalls of shopping today.

Screening "Documented" -- A Film by an Undocumented American

Positively Filipino and Golden Gate University Edward S. Ageno School of Business present a film by Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist Jose Antonio Vargas: Documented.

Documentary by Fil-Am journalist Vargas to screen at Golden Gate University

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas' film Documented screened at Golden Gate University April 19 to an audience of nearly 200.

Bay Area Filipino-Americans Closely Watching Obama's Manila Visit

Jay Gonzalez, professor of government and Global Filipino Studies, Ageno School of Business, speaks with Michael Krasny

Filipino Gun Culture Has Deep Roots

Dr. Jay Gonzalez observes that, "Filipinos have a long history with guns."

SF screening of "Documented"

Prof. Gonzalez, chair of GGU's Public Administration dept. in the Ageno School of Business: "Vargas is a rock star in the immigrant-rights community."

Brand Names in NY Standardized Tests Vex Parents

Nike and other brands on New York State standardized tests raise concerns of product placement. Professor Strahilevitz comments.

Ready to Connect Home While Abroad? Don't Count on Finding WiFi.

Need wifi abroad? Professor Strahilevitz says travelers would rather pay a bigger overall hotel bill than pay extra for wifi

The Most Outlandish Charity Trends: Is It About Vanity?

Professor Strahilevitz comments on the selfish side of charity. Often, giving is motivated by more than a desire to help others. This doesn't mean it won't have an overall positive effect.

¿Por qu é Google puso Google Glass a la venta s ólo un d ía?

GGU Professor Michal Ann Strahilevitz comments on the strategy behind the one day window to buy Google Glass

April Showers Hit Markets: Bring an Umbrella to Trade

Terry Connelly takes a look at the troubles facing the stock market this spring.

Documentary by Fil-Am journalist Vargas to screen at Golden Gate University

Prof. Gonzalez comments on the upcoming screening of "Documented" at GGU.

Sledgehammer Games' Glen Schofield Named Speaker for Golden Gate University's Graduate Commencement Ceremony

Glen Schofield, video game guru, will be speaking at GGU Commencement Ceremonies .

Lawyer for "Shrimp Boy" Blames Feds for Predicament

GGU Law's emeritus Dean Peter Keane comments on new tactics from "Shrimp Boy's" lawyers in Senator Yee scandal. Keane says it is likely the lawyers are laying the groundwork for an entrapment defense.

When to Refuse LinkedIn Connection Requests

With social networks, quality may be more important than quantity. GGU Marketing Profressor Strahilevitz weighs in.

Golden Gate University Screens Film by Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist

Golden Gate University will screen the award-winning film "Documented" by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas

Coinstar Goes After the Gift-Card Resale Market

New Coinstar machines allow consumers to trade in giftcards for a portion of the value in cash. Kit Yarrow explains how this frees consumers.

Dentist Entangled in Leland Yee's Corruption Case

Dr. Gonzalez's observations on Leland Yee's case

Gender and Violence in Haiti: Women's Path from Victims to Agents

Women in Haiti are frequent victims of sexual violence and armed assault. Yet an astonishing proportion of these victims also act as perpetrators of violent crime, often as part of armed groups. Award-winning legal scholar Benedetta Faedi Duramy visited Haiti to discover what causes these women to act in such destructive ways and what might be done to stop this tragic cycle of violence.

Dr. Gonzalez Speaks with Gil Gross about Wilson Sy Lim's Arrest and Connection to Leland Yee.

Dr. Jay Gonzalez speaks with Gil Gross about Wilson Sy Lim's arrest and Lim's connection to Leland Yee

Dentist Entangled in California State Senator Yee's Corruption Case

GGU professor Jay Gonzalez questions likelihood of Philippine arms deal involving Senator Yee and a Daly City dentist

Former Border Patrol Agent Recalls His First Meeting with Famed Labor Organizer

GGU Alumn Michael G. Harpold recalls his first interactions with Chavez on the Mexican/American border.

Fighting for Obamacare Through Stage IV Cancer

Michael Robertson, aid to the President of the United States and a GGU Alumnus, is fighting for Obamacare through stage IV cancer.

Will Virtual Reality Be Next Big Thing Across Technology?

GGU Professor Michal Ann Strahilevitz suggests virtual reality has applications outside of gaming -- including long-distance-learning.

YOUR MONEY - Getting the biggest caffeine buzz for your buck

Marketing professor Michal Ann Strahilevitz says drinking coffee for many is less about caffeine content and more about ritual.

Golden Gate University Professor Leads Bill Limiting State Prison Sterilizations

Cynthia Chandler, an adjunct professor at GGU Law and co-founder of the Oakland-based prisoner rights group Justice Now, pushes for an end to prison sterilizations, gathering data and firsthand accounts from female prisoners about questionable and damaging surgeries.

Anatomy of a Market Lie: CNBC Misreads the Fed and Helps Out Short Sellers

GGU's Terry Connelly criticizes CNBC for misleading financial reporting. Connelly analyzes the consequences of CNBC's misstep, which led investors to believe that Federal interest rates would increase earlier than expected.

A Nation at Waste: The long-term unemployed and job discrimination

Professor Hina Shah writes about California Assembly Bill 1522 and how it will affect sick leave for low-income workers in some very surprising ways

Data breaches prompts shoppers to question loyalty programs

In light of December's epic data breach at Target, many consumers are questioning the liability that could come with participating in loyalty programs.

Strength in Numbers

Teaming up with another person can improve your odds of keeping a New Year's resolution

Can Dunkin' Donuts Rewards Compete with Starbucks?

Loyalty programs work really well, obviously, if it's something you buy pretty regularly.

Data breaches prompts shoppers to question loyalty programs

In light of December's epic data breach at Target, many consumers are questioning the liability that could come with participating in loyalty programs.

Strength in Numbers

Teaming up with another person can improve your odds of keeping a New Year's resolution

Can Dunkin' Donuts Rewards Compete with Starbucks?

Loyalty programs work really well, obviously, if it's something you buy pretty regularly.

America's Downton Abbey Economy

Terry Connelly argues that Downton Abbey mirrors the changing economy in the U.S.

One Five-minute Fix Could Help You Meet Savings Goals

Professor Emerita Kit Yarrow provides advice on savings based on psychological research to CNBC.

Kit Yarrow's observations on sponsored shopping sprees are quoted in the WSJ

At a time of year when many workers anticipate a Christmas bonus check or a holiday ham, some companies say one of the best ways to reward outstanding performance and inspire employee loyalty is a chance to shop til they drop.

The Worst Christmas Gifts of All Time

Kit Yarrow discusses adult consumer behavior during the Christmas season.

Mort Cohen Receives Jefferson Award

GGU Law Professor Mort Cohen is honored for his public service.

What Your Halloween Spending -- Particularly, Your Choice of Costume -- Says About You

Kit Yarrow discusses adult consumer behavior during Halloween.

Identity Theft: What It Is, How It Happens & the Best Protection

Peter Keane, dean emeritus and professor at GGU's School of Law, discusses identity theft.

Scratch Syria -- Now Congress Can Shut Down the Government and Default on Our Debt in Peace!

Dean Emeritus Terry Connelly discusses the markets and Syria.

No Fed Tapering in September; October Surprise Makes More Sense

Dean Emeritus Terry Connelly anticipates Bernanke's next move.

Martin Pring Interview

GGU professor and legendary powerhouse, Martin Pring, discusses his contributions to technical analysis methodology.

Conundrum in the Courts: Zimmerman's Lawyers Win

Dean Emeritus Terry Connelly discusses the recent trial and controversial verdict.

Wearable Technology On The Rise

Kit Yarrow talks about the integration of technology into our lives -- including our clothing.

Did the Banks Dump Treasuries to Boost Their Lending Profits?

Dean Emeritus Terry Connelly analyzes the (ir)rationality of market behavior.

Rental Car Company Eliminates Airport Surprises

Kit Yarrow explains why the car service Silvercar will appeal to younger professionals.

Paint it Gray: The Ambiguous Legal Territory of Jaywalking and Paintball Guns

Professor of Law, Mort Cohen, discusses the geographically-fragmented nature of some California laws.

Men's Wearhouse Ousts Founder George Zimmer

Marketing professor Michal Strahilevitz discusses the risks of firing your spokesperson.

How to Manipulate Equity Markets Down, the Bernanke Way

Dean Emeritus Terry Connelly parses the Bernanke's words.

Eating Healthy on a Budget, it Can be Done

Kit Yarrow explores the consumer psychology of processed food prices.

Jumping to the Fed's Conclusions

Dean Emeritus Terry Connelly talks about the power of the Fed's words.

Retail Federation Finds Grad Gifts Will Get Small Boost

Graduating? Kit Yarrow explains how to get more gifts through social media.

When Shopping is Good for You

Kit Yarrow discusses the positive impacts of shopping.

Q & A on Buying a Home from Fannie and Freddie

GGU Law Professor Roger Bernhardt talks about the fine print of contracts.

50 Shades of Red: GOP Ponders the 2016 Derby

Dean Emeritus Terry Connelly discusses the 2016 Republican Presidential Horse Race

Oakland Police Chief Announces Retirement

GGU Law Professor Peter Keane weighs in on the retirement of the Oakland Police Chief

Most Influential Women in Bay Area Business

Tax Dean Mary Canning named one of the Most Influential Women in the Bay Area.

Will 'Sell in May' Come True This Year?

Dean Emeritus Terry Connelly asks if the old adage will ring true this year.

Guess How Much Today's Kids are Spending on Prom?

Kit Yarrow explains how the desire to provide well for their children affects parents' spending for prom.

New Credit Card Surcharge Rules Offer Opportunities, Challenges for Small Businesses

Kit Yarrow discusses why most retailers are unlikely to tack on a charge for credit card purchases.

Here's How Stores Get You To Buy Stuff Using A Sensory Bombardment

Kit Yarrow explains how our senses influence shopping decisions.

Does the Cyprus 'Bail-In' Open the Door for Private Deposit Insurance?

Dean Emeritus Terry Connelly discusses the possibility of non-government backed insurance on savings.

JCPenney smacks into shoppers' psyches

Kit Yarrow explains that cost often trumps brand loyalty.

Sequestration Weighs Heavily on Americans this Tax Season

Kit Yarrow argues that our confidence in government is weakened by poor communication about sequestration effects.

What Does the Cyprus Bailout Deal Mean for U.S. Investors?

Dean Emeritus Terry Connelly offers his thoughts on the effects of the Euro crisis.

Tax Deductions: Hidden Gems and Hazards

Tax Dean Mary Canning explains that mortgage points must be amortized over the life of the loan.

To Disney or not to Disney?

Kit Yarrow explains why we feel such strong emotions when it comes to Disney.

Tax Season Math: Debt + Refund = Mistake

Kit Yarrow helps explain why we make poor choices when it comes to managing our income taxes.

New Overseer Could Disrupt Oakland Police Routines

GGU Law Professor Peter Keane explains why Thomas Frazier has his work cut out for him.

10 Things Online Reviewers Won't Say

Kit Yarrow argues that online reviews may make consumers change their behavior, but probably not dramatically.

Were Financial Markets Misled by the Fed Minutes?

Dean Emeritus Terry Connelly discusses the nuances of messages from Fed members and others.

Why Isn't the Stock Market Afraid of the Sequester...Yet?

Dean Emeritus Terry Connelly gives a few reasons for the behavior of the markets.

Waste Management: Why Muni Won't Ban Serial Bus-Soilers

GGU Law Professor Myron Moskovitz argues that MUNI would be on solid ground in banning defoulers.

Barry Bonds Faces Uphill Court Battle While Trying to Get His Obstruction of Justice Conviction Thrown Out

GGU Law Professor Peter Keane discusses the judge who presided over the Bonds trial

Ask the Experts: Will New Credit Card Surcharge Rules Change the Retail Industry?

Kit Yarrow discusses the effects the new credit card surcharge rules will have on the retail industry.

Sequestration, Like the Debt Ceiling, Is a Weapon of Mass Destruction

Dean Emeritus Terry Connelly shares his feelings on the debt ceiling law.

Super Bowl Ad Winners Conquer Hearts and Clicks

Marketing professor Michal Strahilevitz weighs in on GoDaddy's Super Bowl ad.

Oreo Ad Tweet Wins Super Bowl Blackout Game

Marketing professor Michal Strahilevitz explains how quick thinking can make all the difference with social media.

Rising Seas Shift Bay Agency's Mission

Adjunct professor Larry Goldzband discusses his new role as the executive director of The Bay Conservation and Development Commission

The Sleep Industry: Why We're Paying Big Bucks for Something That's Free

Cant sleep? Try reading this article.

Wells Fargo Investment Bankers Get Coach to Hone Pitches

Dean Emeritus Terry Connelly explains how the financial industry uses consultants to sharpen employee skills.

Golden Gate University Selects Paul Fouts as New Dean of Edward S. Ageno School of Business

Golden Gate University, the 110-year old private, non-profit University for working professionals that power the Bay Area and beyond, announced that after an extensive search, the University has selected Paul Fouts as the next Dean of its Edward S. Ageno School of Business.

Ten Things the Oscars Won't Say

Kit Yarrow talks to Smart Money about what Gen Y means to moviemakers.

BART Community Policing May Help, But Problems Are Endemic

Law School Dean Emeritus and former San Francisco Police Commissioner Peter Keane comments on a new strategy BART says will lead to better policing.

Bay Area Could See 5 Dollar a Gallon Gas by Summer

Terry Connelly, dean emeritus of the Ageno School of Business speaks to the potential repercussions of rising gas prices.

Businesses Cash in on Anti-Valentines' Day

Kit Yarrow talks to theBoston Globeabout the psychology behind the rebellion against Valentines' Day.

How Important Is a Company's Image to Customers?

How much do customers really care about the sometimes-unsavory practices behind the products they love? Kit Yarrow weighs in.

GGU Alum Named Chair of The Executive Leadership Council

Kaiser Permanente President and Chief Operating Officer Bernard Tyson to lead prestigious Fortune 500 senior leadership group

Komen Official Resigns over Planned Parenthood Dispute

Michal Strahilevitz tells USA TODAY that the charity must do damage control. ALSO: Listen to Michal's KFPA interview about Komen.

Back-to-school Shopping is Becoming a Summer-long Affair

Kit Yarrow notes that shopping is becoming less seasonal.

San Jose police suspend off-duty work with 49ers amid controversy with moonlighting cop

Professor and Dean Emeritus Peter Keane speaks about persons working as police officers and moonlighting as private security for professional sports teams. Peter Keane states, "They need to make sure that the team isn't hiring police officers to run interference for them with the law."