• Open Enrollment registration does not constitute admission to Golden Gate University.

  • Open Enrollment registration is for non-law programs only

  • Students registered in Open Enrollment status are not eligible for financial aid.

  • Veterans may be certified for VA educational benefits for two semesters under open enrollment status.

  • Students registered in Open Enrollment status are not eligible to earn a certificate. If you seek a certificate you must file an application for admission.

  • Open Enrollment in graduate courses requires the minimum of a bachelor's degree which must be declared on the Open Enrollment form.

  • The maximum number of credit hours taken as an Open Enrollment student that may apply to a program upon admission is limited to 12 undergraduate credits and 9 graduate credits.

  • Open Enrollment students must have their registration approved by an academic advisor each term. Open Enrollment students are encouraged to bring copies of transcripts for advising purposes.

  • Open Enrollment students are allowed to choose between credit (pass/fail or letter grade) and audit.

  • Open Enrollment students are required to maintain satisfactory academic standing to enroll and to remain enrolled. Evidence of satisfactory academic standing for an undergraduate student is a minimum 2.00 cumulative grade point average and for a graduate student is a 3.00 cumulative grade point average. Students who fall below this standard will not be permitted to register.


I have read and accept the terms and conditions listed above.

I have reviewed the English language proficiency requirement contained in the GGU catalog or on the GGU website and certify that, regardless of citizenship, I meet the criteria listed.

I am not a student in the US with a J-1 or F-1 visa status.