Tuition & Fees: Calculating Costs

The total cost to attend Golden Gate University depends on your particular circumstances. The cost is calculated by multiplying the tuition rate by the number of credits / courses you need to complete your degree. You will also need to add an estimated cost for books and a few one-time fees. We have done away with most of the add-on fees that other colleges charge. In most cases, our tuition rate covers the total cost of each course.




To calculate your own total cost, you first have to know how many courses you need to complete your degree (as an example, the average student who is able to transfer 60 credits from other colleges toward his or her degree program needs to take 21 courses at GGU, which is equal to 63 credits). Then, figure out your yearly cost based on whether you will be attending full-time or part-time. Just to be on the safe side, you should factor in a tuition increase of around 4 percent for each year. As with other private colleges, tuition usually goes up each year so that GGU can fund technology investments and other instructional improvements as well as cover inflation. Finally, add in a one-time fee to cover your Application for Admission.

Make sure you calculate any additional personal expenses you will incur to attend GGU. These expenses may include housing, transportation and living expenses. If you are new to the area, our financial aid counselors can help you estimate these costs.

Please refer to Tuition for current tuition rates for the various programs, and refer to Fees for a list of potential fees.