Tuition & Fees: Technology Fee


Beginning Fall 2016, GGU will charge students a technology fee of $85 per semester. Over the past several years, Golden Gate University has invested millions of dollars in upgrades to its academic and administrative technology and facilities. As the speed and demand for information technology offerings in higher education increases, most universities have established technology fees to help fund the maintenance of current technology and implement new academic, instructional, and administrative technologies.

The purpose of the new Technology Fee is to assist in the support of GGU's Information Technology Services operations and projects. The Information Technology Steering Group will act as the oversight committee to evaluate and recommend to the Senior Leadership Team all technology-related projects. A Student IT Advisory Group will be formed to represent, assemble, and report student technology interests to the IT Steering Group as the technology roadmap and strategic plan are developed. The Student IT Advisory Group will be part of the overall IT governance structure at GGU.


The new technology fee will enable Information Technology Services to meet the rapidly increasing demand for technology services, as well as help keep pace with the speed of the changing technological environment.

Samples of technology projects already completed or underway:
  • New and updated instructional technologies in every classroom
  • Purchase, installation, and maintenance of all hardware and software for the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence
  • Supplying equipment such as digital cameras, digital video cameras, and laptop computers for checkout for academic purposes
  • Offering technical walk-in assistance for students through Academic Technology Services
  • Digital signage
  • Wireless access for students
Examples of possible future technology projects:
  • Enhanced wireless connectivity
  • Student technology classes, and training and workshops
  • Discounts on software applications for students
  • Mobile access to academic and administrative services
  • Enhancing and expanding student administrative task management such as registration, request for records, appointment scheduling, and other functions
  • Other technology projects designed to improve students' academic, administrative, and collaborative experience at GGU
  • Technology projects designed to improve instructional quality and faculty-student engagement


I have already received my financial aid information. Will this affect my award?

The technology fee should have no effect on your financial aid packaging. Law students with financial aid questions should e-mail; Students in the Schools of Business, Accounting, and Taxation should e-mail

I've already registered. Will I see the fee on my bill?

Yes, even if you have already registered, a new statement will be available that will reflect the technology fee.

I am attending classes as an employee of GGU or through the tuition exchange program. Do I still have to pay the fee?

Yes, the fee still applies to GGU employees who are enrolled through the university's educational assistance program, as well as employees of other universities who are attending through the tuition exchange program.

I am a part-time student. Do I still need to pay the fee?

Yes, all enrolled students, part- or full-time are assessed the technology fee.

I am only auditing a course and am not seeking a degree from GGU. Do I still have to pay the fee?

Yes, auditors are not exempt from the fee regardless of whether they utilize GGU's technology in the classroom or not.

What if I decide to drop all of my classes and withdraw from the semester? Will I still owe the fee?

The fee will follow the withdrawal refund policy applicable to your tuition charges. If you drop all of your classes prior to the "Last Day to Drop without Tuition Charge", as specified in the applicable academic calendar, then the fee will be reversed. If you drop classes after this date, the fee will not be reversed. See the links below for more information:

Where should I go with my questions or concerns?

E-mail with questions or concerns.