Graduate: History & Philosophy

Golden Gate University enjoys a rich and vibrant history -- from it's origins in the San Francisco Gold Rush to 100+ years later -- providing over 67,000 local, national and global alumni who continue to make measurable contributions in their professions every day.


YMCA Tents, 1906

Since 1901, Golden Gate University has remained true to its core mission. We continue to ask the market what it needs, engage the industry experts in designing the practically based curriculum, add the relevant skill sets that set our students apart -- regardless of their profession -- and graduate exemplar individuals who continue to go forth and set wonderful examples of achievement and contribution.

We have passed the 110 year mark since one man found the need for practically-based, professionally focused education for working adults and did something about it. That something eventually grew into the proud institution that is Golden Gate University today. We fully anticipate being around for at least another 110 years, and can't wait to see what's in store.


Accessibility, Affordability & Attainment

GGU delivers education focused on practical issues of the day by offering classes when and where students can attend: days, nights, weekends and now online and blended experiences, uniquely making professional education available to the working person as well as the college graduate seeking to pursue an advanced education in law, tax, business, accounting and other related professions.

We emphasize hands-on learning taught by professionals practicing, or with prior distinguished practice and scholarship, in their fields of expertise so that our students can make measurable contributions to their profession while they're still in school.

Golden Gate University also believes that students come to us wanting a transformational classroom experience, which takes all that they arrive with and helps them leverage it for their unique success.

Born of our beginnings at the YMCA, we also believe that education is for the many -- not the few. If you bring motivation, determination, aspiration, a willingness to learn and a desire to get a degree, we believe you should be given a chance and that it is the institution's duty to create an educational experience at GGU that will support the success of that goal.