Graduate: Schools

GGU's three graduate schools offer education and resources to prepare professionals for success.


The School of Accounting has three main goals:

  1. To provide the most relevant professional educational experience possible.
  2. To provide job support and internship opportunities unrivaled in our region.
  3. To remain deeply involved with the profession, making sure our instruction remains up to date and relevant.

With these three goals, we give students the opportunity to develop fully as professionals, to promote career opportunities for our graduates, and to have an effect on where the field of accounting is progressing. Our primary goal is to develop professional accountants who fully meet the expectations of the public, of the profession's regulatory and standard-setting bodies, and of the profession's membership. In other words, we want our program and our graduates to be at the forefront of our nation's accounting field.

At the Edward S. Ageno School of Business, our mission is to prepare students for managerial and professional careers in a broad range of business fields through innovative programs that combine theory and practical experience. We were founded on the core belief that professional qualifications are as important as academic experience. Therefore, our dedicated faculty is both academically and professionally qualified - working professionals that have done or are doing that which they teach. Whether you pursue a general management degree, or specialize with an MS degree, you'll graduate with the knowledge, skills and well-earned confidence you need to succeed in today's evolving business environment.


The Bruce F. Braden School of Taxation has enrolled more students over the last 45 years than any other tax program in the nation. Our focus on providing students with practical skills and hands-on experience has earned the respect of the industry's leading firms. Major accounting firms actively recruit our graduates, and they also rely on Golden Gate for continuing education and professional training for their employees. As the nation's leading tax school, we offer more tax classes more frequently than any other university, and our large adjunct faculty and student body allow us to offer a greater variety of classes within areas of specialization. As a private university, we also have the flexibility to quickly make changes to the curriculum in response to new developments in the industry.